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How to Emotionally Support Someone with HIV

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 01, 2011
How to Emotionally Support Someone with HIV

HIV and AIDS Treatment - Get some tips on dealing with an HIV positive person. If not helping him get rid of physical discomfort, you can lessen the impact of his emotional turmoil

How to emotionally support someone with HIV

It can be emotionally overwhelming for the caregiver, let alone the patient, to deal with the HIV affliction. However, your role as a caregiver necessitates that you learn to adjust yourself with these emotions and be there for your patient whenever he needs you. You should be so involved that your patient should get what he wants without even needing to say so.

The following tips would help you become a great emotional support for your patient:


  • Do not make them feel helpless by simply doing all of their tasks. Try to get them involved instead. They should be engaged in as many activities of the house as their energy levels allow. Apart from caring for themselves, HIV positive patients need to perform certain household chores to so that they do not feel useless.
  • Make your patient get involved with social engagements outside the house. You might find this difficult as the patient is bed ridden. It could be something as simple as watching TV in a group or listening to music. Change of scenery can lift the mood of your patient and so can meeting with other people.
  • Listen to your patient. Make an environment in which he feels comfortable talking about his disease. It may not be possible for you to end all his complications but making him talk about it would at least help to take the emotional sting away, if not the physical.
  • Help your partner face the stigma associated with HIV infected people. If he has a problem in dealing with the fact that he is HIV positive because people around him or the loved ones do not behave normally, he will need special counselling. Tell him about people who do not discriminate and have a positive reaction about anyone’s HIV positive status.
  • Invite family and friends of the HIV patient and help him connect with them. It is very likely that many of the members do not take the HIV negative status in the right perspective.
  • Do not refrain from touching an HIV infected person. This infection does not spread by touch and you can so to reassure the patient. Holding hands, embracing or rubbing the back will never spread the infection, but it would help to foster love and understanding.

Keep in mind these simple tips when dealing with an HIV patient and you would have helped him in his condition.

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