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How Effective and Safe is Birth Control Shot?

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 19, 2012
How Effective and Safe is Birth Control Shot?

How Effective and Safe is Birth Control Shot? : The effectiveness of birth control shots is good but it is not complete.

How Effective and Safe is Birth Control ShotBirth control shot is an injection of progesterone through which women can prevent pregnancy by taking it every 3 months. It is useful for women who want a very effective way of contraception but do not want to use an IUD or they can’t, find it difficult to remember to take their pills regularly, and those who cannot take oestrogen. It can also work as a temporary method for those who are awaiting their permanent birth control surgery.


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If you want to conceive in the coming year, it would not be advisable to take this birth control shot. The shot does not provide protection from sexually transmitted diseases and HIV. So, you will need to take recourse to condoms every time you have sex. You should be especially careful if you are not in a monogamous relationship.

A birth control method which is completely effective, a benchmark of no unwanted pregnancy can be set. Very effective implies that between 1 and 2 out of a hundred women become pregnant while using the method. Effective can be taken to mean that 2 to 12 women out of 100 become pregnant while using that method.

Moderately effective can imply 13 to 20 out of 100 couples getting pregnant, while the not-so-effective can mean that 21 to 40 out of 100 women become pregnant as a result of using this method. An ineffective method of contraception is one in which 40 out of 100 women were pregnant while using this method.


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With regards to the rating of birth control shot, you can get an idea with the stat that it is effective in 70 percent of the times it is used. This would put the method in the category of effective but not very effective. Choosing a birth control method should be based on how easy a birth control method is, and the way of using it. Another factor to be taken into consideration is whether taking some sort of medication is likely to interfere with the way the method would work.


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The birth control shots are advantageous to the nursing women too. But they state that breastfeeding mothers should wait for at least six months before starting it.

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