How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

Updated at: Apr 13, 2013
How Does Stress Affect Diabetes?

Stress Affect Diabetes:Read & get information on how does Stress Affect Diabetes and How Can you Better Manage

Bhadra Kamalasanan
DiabetesWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Dec 23, 2011

Stress is a feeling usually noted to be a negative onslaught of extreme emotions when something that is beyond our ability is thrown at us. For diabetics, stress must be the last item on the platter. Diabetes reacts to stress as if it is allergic to the spurt of emotions that the blood has to take control over. Stress stimulates the blood sugar levels to an imbalance in the body by increasing the count of sugar in the blood.

An extreme of stress is known as depression, which has long-term effects on a person’s lifestyle. As per studies, depression is higher among diabetics than the general population. When one gets frightened or is in pain, the heart beat gets faster or the person becomes shaky, which is because of the fact that these feelings release an adrenaline rush into the blood and call for a war with the body. One must not forget the fact that his or her body’s natural fighting agents are not custom tailored to treat the body as and when new diseases are diagnosed. Once the blood sugar has been kicked to a high level, it simultaneously gives rise to other problems such as pain in the leg, injury etc.

Stress can cause diabetics to experience lack of appetite or the ability to engage in unhealthy eating patterns, mood swings or overreacting to relieve depression and stress etc. Diabetics usually make efforts to change their lifestyle as soon as they experience stress. Those who don’t are advised to do so to help control the level of blood sugar in the blood.


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