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How Does Sexual Addiction Impact A Marriage?

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 16, 2012
How Does Sexual Addiction Impact A Marriage?

Sexual addiction is a common problem that impacts not only relationships but also marriage.

How Does Sexual Addiction Impact A MarriageSexual addiction is a common problem that impacts men and women alike. It is the overwhelming feeling to have sex. Sexual addiction, if not treated, goes deeper into developing depression and mental instability. While the severity of sex addiction may vary from one person to another, it is considered a problem when it starts interfering with marriage, relationships, friendships, work and lifestyle.

Sexual addiction begins with the victim indulging in sex to release stress. Extreme cases of sex addiction involve the victim reacting to stressful events every day by indulging in compulsive sex or sexual behaviours.  

Impact on Marriage

Researchers say that over 16 million men as well as women suffer from some form of sexual addiction, which puts an end to one’s career, marriage and family. Just as any other addiction, sexual addiction rules the life of the victim. It tops the catalogue of priorities in the addict’s life so much that he or she is not affected by social stigma of having multiple sex partners or a broken relationship.  If the addict is given a choice between sex and family, he or she would choose the former and not bother having to forfeit other important things in life. A sex addict cannot assume the responsibilities of a spouse or parent and depends dominantly on pursuing sexual activities. A parent, who is sexually addicted, may even indulge in child abuse if put through a situation of no sex.

The addict can call upon his or her spouse to indulge in compulsive sexual behaviour irrespective of the latter’s interest. A sexually addicted spouse is insatiable and continues to have intercourse with his or her spouse even when the latter has had multiple orgasms. In fact, they may indulge in excessive masturbation after having sex.

How to Treat Sexual Addiction in Marriage

To be able to survive sexual addiction in a marriage, the couple has to compulsorily undergo marital therapy and multiple counselling sessions. Besides, if you spot your partner engaging in unusual sexual behaviour, report to a doctor before it gets too late. You may also try to have a conversation with your partner before going to the doctor to avoid embarrassment. If the marriage is strong before either of the couple becomes an addict, there is a higher probability of the marriage to survive.

Sex addiction in a marriage does not compulsorily mean that the marriage will end in divorce. Effective treatment and counselling before the addict becomes violent can keep the foundation of marriage from falling apart.


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