How Does A Relationship Suffer from Hidden Affairs

Mar 21, 2012

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How Does A Relationship Suffer from Hidden AffairsAffairs or an illegitimate relationship outside wedlock can break you emotionally, leaving you psychologically devastated. A hidden affair can leave you devastated, unwanted and cheated, and will completely change your relationship instantly.

When a person comes to know about his/her partner’s hidden affair it breaks his/her trust. The person starts questioning himself for the the partner’s moves. It becomes difficult for them to trust their partner. Intimacy completely disappears in hidden affairs. The person doesn’t show any physical attachment towards his/her partner. This can make the person feel rejected and broken down.

During marriage a couple promises to be honest with each other. They vowed to trust each other, but after an extramarital affair, it becomes hard to regain that trust. Generally extramarital affairs start due to sexual attraction and lust, but both these things don’t last long. After that phase of attraction and excitement is over, the person feels guilty for his/her actions.

If you are in a secret relationship, your spouse is likely to suffer from a psychological and emotional turmoil. The partner, on the other hand would feel that he/she is somehow responsible for this and made you cheat. Such relationships would surely leave you sexually unsatisfied and isolated. If you still decide to give it a second chance, you would keep wondering whether it can happen again. You fail to give the same love and respect to your partner.

In case of married couples, an extramarital affair can lead to divorce. The person feels that he/she has been used sexually and physically. Even children face the consequence of an affair. They lose their faith on their cheating parent. They suffer emotionally due to constant conflicts between their parents. They feel ashamed and become pessimistic towards life.

An affair can affect a person financially as well. The cheating partner starts spending on his/her lover, which causes financial crisis in the family.

Hidden affairs or extramarital affairs bring a lot of insecurity and dissatisfaction in a relationship. It is very difficult to rebuild trust after such an affair. By proper marriage counselling couples can revive their relationship after an affair, but it requires lot of patience and time.


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