How Does a Girl Get Pregnant

Updated at: Dec 31, 2014
How Does a Girl Get Pregnant

How does a girl get pregnant: A girl gets pregnant in the natural biological process which begins from ovulation and ends in formation of embryo. It is important that you are aware of this process to satisfy the curiosity of your sexually active t

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How Does a Girl Get Pregnant

The first process in the reproductive system is ovulation. If a woman is not ovulating, i.e. releasing eggs from her ovary, there is no question of her getting pregnant. There are some times of the month when there is no egg present for fertilisation. In a normal ovulation cycle, ovulation starts 14 days after the beginning of your last menstrual cycle. If you want to answer, “How does a girl get pregnant?” often the query of some teens, you can do with some basic information given here.


Process of getting pregnant


  • Sexual intercourse – Given that a woman is ovulating, sexual intercourse initiates pregnancy. The first menstrual period during which ovulation occurs is experienced at the age of 11-14 or earlier in some rare cases. During intercourse, the man’s sperm is released into the vagina which fertilises one of the eggs released. A woman can get pregnant even if the pre-ejaculate gets pushed into the vagina without intercourse.
  • Fertilisation – After intercourse, the semen released into the vagina find their way to the fallopian tubes. They find an egg to fertilise. If there are no eggs available, the sperms die in a few days. Even if one of the sperm reaches the egg, it needs to infuse the sperm completely for fertilisation to occur. A few weeks after fertilisation, symptoms of pregnancy start to show in a woman.
  • Formation of embryo – After fertilisation of an egg, it begins to multiply at a very fast rate. It is based on replication of DNA. The dividing cells go on to form a blastocyte, which is a small cluster of cells, and get attached to the wall of the uterus. It is referred to as foetus after some weeks, and the same till the baby gets delivered after 40 weeks.

Women who experience early symptoms of pregnancy, such as fatigue, nausea, headache, morning sickness or tenderness of breasts, should get a pregnancy test. The most tell-tale sign is missing a period. At times women mistake spotting, i.e. bleeding after implantation of egg to the uterine wall, to be the symptom of their normal period.

On testing positive, you need to decide about the next steps to take. Bear in mind that the earlier you learn about your pregnancy, the better it would be in helping you prepare. If you are mother of a daughter wondering about how early can a girl get pregnant, know that if she is sexually active, it can happen as early as 8 years of age as found in some cases.


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