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How do you choose a Glucose monitor?

Diabetes By Gunjan Rastogi , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Apr 25, 2012
How do you choose a Glucose monitor?

To choose a glucose monitor, know your specific needs and then consider  other factors such as cost of the monitor, its additional features and usability.

How do you choose a Glucose monitor

Blood glucose monitors usually function accurately, but the market is flooded with various brands and types, which make it baffling to choose one. Here are several factors that can be considered while choosing a blood glucose meter.



There are different types and brands of diabetes glucose monitors in the market. Prices of all types and brands differ and therefore, you must first know the varying prices of the monitor in the market.  Make sure that the cost of glucose meter is inclusive of the test strips. A meter diabetes monitor without test strips would not be of any use. Test strips are expensive and may cost you twice the price of the meter, but strips with the monitor would be a cheaper purchase.



Due to the availability of a variety of meters, they differ in terms of the usage. Before buying one, check if you can comfortably hold the meter and test strips or not, whether you can see the result clearly on the meter screen, whether it is easy to get the blood onto the strips, how many drops you require to get the result etc. Some brands have meters that are coded with test strips to give more accurate results than those that have no coding.

Specific Features

Different types and brands of meter also vary in sizes. While some are large others are compact, which makes carrying the latter easier. Blood glucose meters with large screen or meters announcing the result are perfect choice for people with impaired vision. If you want to buy a meter for your child, you may chose from a variety of  colourful meters. To read the result during night-time, meters with backlight are a good option. Some brands manufacture diabetes meters that can be used in extreme temperatures. Hikers, researches and construction workers usually use such meters.

Memory Storage and Retrieval

Choose a glucose meter that does the function of storing and retrieving previous results when required by the user.   If your meter has this function, check what steps it needs to take to store and retrieve information. Some glucose meters record all the information such as time, date and result of the test and others may only store the results. Some meters can be attached to your PC, laptop or mobile to transfer blood glucose readings so that you can mail it to your physician.


Customer Support

Some brands also provide customer care facility. Check the rear of the meter or packaging for toll-free number. Buy a meter that has clear instructions to demonstrate how it can be used.  There are user manuals available on manufacturer’s website that you may refer to.


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