How do Sexual Problems affect Men?

Updated at: Apr 17, 2012
How do Sexual Problems affect Men?

Sexual problems affect men in numerous ways. It affects their mental, emotional and physical well-being and can be a reason for a distorted relationship with their partner.

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How do Sexual Problems affect Men

Suffering from sexual problems is distressful for the physical as well as emotional state of a man. Here are some common effects of sexual problems that affect men:


With the onset of sexual incapability due to sexual problems, the suffering man may start experiencing stress. Stress can last for a long or short period. The suffering man may indulge in self-isolation by breaking all modes of communication with friends and family. This disconnection will be a destructive blow to his current relationship. Not only personal life but also his professional life may experience disturbance caused by sexual dysfunction.  Long-term stress may lead to depression and other severe problems such as insomnia, feeling of guilt, aversion from the opposite sex, lack of sexual desire and erectile dysfunction. Such issues may make the suffering man pessimistic about his romantic life, thereby killing the chances and hopes of making his sexual life better.

Erection Problems

With ageing, many men experience erectile dysfunction, but sexual problems can be a potential reason for the same. Age is no bar for erection problems if young men suffer from sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction affects one’s libido by virtue of which a man may not feel the sexual urge as he used to prior to the sexual issues. Low sexual desire causes inability to get aroused, which in turn results in low erection or erection not hard enough for intercourse. In some cases, erection occurs but may not sustain for a long period.

Low Sexual Desire

Men suffering from any sexual problem commonly experience inhibited sexual desire as an after-effect. Sexual issues affect the sexual performance of the sufferer resulting in frustration and feeling of guilt. Incapability to have a satisfying sexual act gives birth to disturbed mental and physical state in which a man may find difficulty in sexual arousal resulting in low sexual desire or a complete absence of  it.  Medical conditions, hormonal changes, low self-esteem, humiliation due to sexual incapability, lack of empathy from their partner and emotional detachment with once-a-loving-sexual-relationship can be the potent causes of low sexual desire.

Affected Partner Relationship

Due to a man’s inability to satisfy his own and his partner's sexual needs, he feels mentally alienated from his partner. Due to sexual problems, a suffering man may fear  the failure of sexual advances. This affects the trust, intimacy and closeness between the partners resulting in the man’s emotional and physical withdrawal from his partner. Sexual detachment from each other can be equally devastating for both the partners. On the man’s part, it may be a sign of annoyance and humiliation of being unable to indulge in sexual act.


The aforementioned points are not only the after-effects of sexual problems, but can pose as potent symptoms of sexual dysfunction, which usually go unnoticed. If a man or his partner witnesses the above-mentioned issues, it is advisable to consult a doctor at the earliest.


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