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How do flavoured condoms work?

How do flavoured condoms work?
Quick Bites
  • Condoms are essential for sexual activity.
  • Flavoured condoms come in use for oral sex.
  • It is not recommended that you use it for penetration.
  • Flavoured condoms come have all the benefits as a normal one.

Much like how everything is changing and turning and improving, so did the condom! Yes, now you can find one that tastes and smells like grape, orange, strawberry, mint, coffee, and what not.

Condoms are essential for sexual activity; this is in order to stay safe from sexually transmitted diseases or to avoid unwanted pregnancy. In fact a condom should be used at all times, be it for sexual intercourse or oral sex. There is every possibility that you are tired of those same old condoms that taste like rubber, and when the usage of condom is necessary for oral sex then why not have some flavour in it? For all you know, it could make things even more exciting and more fulfilling for partners! It is indeed a marvel, these flavoured condoms that stand apart significantly from the non-flavoured ones. But is there any other difference in flavoured condoms and non flavoured ones other than the taste factor? No, condoms are all the same and have the same work.

understanding Flavoured Condoms

What do flavoured condoms do?

Prevent STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can easily be transmitted through oral sex. Like genitals, mucous membranes are also present in the mouth; therefore many STDs easily transmit through oral sex. So it is important to use condom to be safe. Flavoured condoms are especially designed for adults to enjoy oral sex.


They call for a vibrant sexual experience

The condom industry seems to be putting extra effort to please adults so they can have more pleasurable sexual experience. Flavoured condoms are available in different colours to match their flavour. For instance, strawberry flavoured condom is red coloured and banana flavoured is yellow in coloured. They can be easily purchased from online store or a nearby drug store. In general, flavoured condoms don’t cost more than the other condoms.



Accentuate oral sex experience

Since unflavoured condoms taste bad, flavoured condoms are primarily made for oral sex. They are not meant for penetrative sex.  The sugar level in flavoured condoms can affect the pH balance of vagina leading to yeast infection. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved many brands of flavoured condoms for their strength and protection. As mentioned before, FDA also warns of the risk of yeast infection from flavoured condoms.

Understanding Flavoured Condoms

Prevent unwanted pregnancy

If you are going for penetrative sex (vaginal sex), then you must opt for sugar-free condoms. According to some, flavoured condoms are not effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. While others are of view that when used properly, flavoured condoms offer pleasurable experience along with safety against STDs and unwanted pregnancies.



How to use a flavoured condom


Open the packet carefully

Open the packet carefully so that the condom does not tear. Do not get carried away with your passion and the heat of the moment and tear it open in a random fashion. Do not use scissors, teeth, or anything sharp to open it up.

Figure out the rolled path

You should next figure out which way is the condom rolled, and this is necessary particularly if you are in a dark room. Use your fingers to feel the way the condom is rolled. Place one hand on either sides and pinch the rolled ring of your condom in between your thumb and your fingers. Then you should roll the condom in one direction with your fingers and if it does not roll then this is not the direction, you must try the other side.

about flavoured condoms


Erection alert

You should make sure that your penis is erect, or else your condom will go for a waste. Condoms should fit nicely over the penis and it will never leave any baggy spots. If you roll it over the penis when you aren’t fully erect, it will fit awkwardly and is likely to tear.

Roll it on

Condoms can easily unroll down the entire length and if it feels weird in anyway then you should open another one. Never lip it over and re-use it because an erect penis most likely produces pre cum, and if this enters the woman then there is the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you should be very careful.

Lube the condom

You could apply sexual lubrication so as to reduce the risk of condom damage and also for better sexual experience. At times lubricants also contain spermicides that can help to reduce the risk of a pregnancy. If your condom is not properly lubricated then you should apply it to both the condom and on the partner. However, you should remember not to apply too much of lubricant as friction is necessary for having sex.

You must check the condom during breaks to see whether it is fine or not. If a condom breaks during sex then you should replace it immediately. Oral sex with condom may cause it to tear and therefore it is very important that you have an extra one with you! Understand that it is really very important for you to use a condom when having oral sex, and there are flavoured condoms for that reason only!

So if you are looking for tasty treat to spice up your sexual experience then flavoured condoms are for the best for you!


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Bushra Kafeel
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamApr 16, 2013

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