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Softly Smudged or Subtle Sooty- Learn How to Do Eye Make-Up Step-By-Step

Updated at: Oct 26, 2013
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Written by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: Sep 14, 2011
Softly Smudged or Subtle Sooty- Learn How to Do Eye Make-Up Step-By-Step

Eye makeup can define how natural or dramatic your look is. Here’s how to get it right every day or look stunning for a special occasion.

The eyes, as they say, are our windows to the world. And which woman would not want to adorn this window, making her sometimes mysterious, sometimes sexy, and at other times just charming?

Eye Makeup Step by StepEye makeup will help you do just that. No matter what shape, size or colour eyes you have, they can be enhanced and brought to their utmost beauty by using some makeup products and tricks. Here is a  step-by step  guide to eye makeup that will help  in making your eyes glamorous and beautiful.

For a perfectly made up eye, to go with your evening look, you need to follow just seven easy steps.


  1. Prepare a perfect base: Dark under eye circles will take away from the finished look. If you have them, camouflage with concealer. Put three dots under each eye with your fingertips, one at the inner corner, the next one under the pupil and the third at the outer edge of the eye. Pat gently with the pad of your ring finger  till all trace of concealer has disappeared. Please do not rub as the delicate skin under the eye area may get damaged.
  2. Continue with the preparation for long lasting effect: Apply eye base, or a primer over your lid. The secret of eye makeup that will last is a primer applied under the eyeshadow.
  3. Apply eyeliner: You could use a liquid liner, a lacquer pen, or even dark eye shadow  for liner. In case you choose the last option, use a wet slanted brush and dip it into the eye shadow.  Draw a thin line on your upper lid as close to the lashes as possible, from the inner to the outer corner. For a slightly different look, make the line thicker at the centre and thin it out again towards the outer eye. For cat eyes, extend the line at the outer end, slanting upwards slightly. Line the bottom lid also, only start at the middle and go towards the outer edge. Smudge the bottom line with a Q tip or with your fingers.
  4. Apply eye  shadow: For the evening look it’s best to use a three- toned shadow covering eyes from brow to lid. First, use the lightest shade over your upperlid, sweeping  the colour across your lid upto the browbone . Follow this with the medium tone over your lid only. Use the darkest shade along the crease. Blend with your fingers so that no single tone stands out and all the colours blend into each other.
  5. Brighten with a highlighter: With your finger tips, add a spot of a very light (silver is good) eye shadow at the inner corner of your eye. This brightens the entire look and makes your eyes ‘pop.’
  6. Highlight the Brow : Use the same light shadow and dab with your fingers  over the browbone , from midbrow outwards, blending in.
  7. Curl and thckenlashes: Use an eyelash curler to give added depth to your eyes. Follow with two sweeps of mascara, for both upper and lower lashes. Finally, use an eyelash comb to separate lashes and remove any clumps of mascara , and go over your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush.


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