How to Detox your Relationship

Nov 06, 2012

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How to Detox your Relationship

All intimate relationships are fragile and without frequent care and attention, they are likely to get sticky. Even the strongest of relationships demand spring cleaning after autumn. If your’s is not strong enough, you clearly need more cleansing. Just how we strip clean dusty memories, we must detoxify our relationships too and here we tell you just how to do it. Wouldn’t it wear you down? So, stop it. Must you not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all.


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Stop being a Scorekeeper

If you think you pulled a smart point because you just nagged your partner into accepting that he/she left the party at 10 p.m. instead of 8 p.m., you are kidding yourself. Your partner is not a contender and there is no competition! Stop counting arguments in your favour as trophies.   


Keep the Negative out

If your partner starts screaming for the hills just when you complain about how bad a movie was or how much you hate the smell of petrol, your relationship is hanging by a thread. Put yourself in your partner’s shoes and think about it. Imagine if of the 20,000 thoughts that cross your mind, 19,000 are incarnations of the complaints your partner keeps making, how would you feel?


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Share Responsibilities

Unless you are a sloth to shut the world out and dream deep in darkness. Do not let your partner bear the brunt of responsibilities that bind your relationship. As long as you want to be with your partner, make sure you get up every day with the thrill to make things right. Contribute a hand in washing dishes, going to the grocery, etc.


Tell your Partner how you feel

Keeping a one-on-one approach will only be of help to you. Even if it is about letting your partner know that you don’t feel the spark anymore, just get it straight through. Do not wait for opportunities. Also, always begin your conversations gently even if the subject is likely to hit hard water. By that we also mean, keeping a tab on your tongue; do NOT abuse.


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There is something about New Year that gets people so frenzied about making unreal resolutions, pledging to be a better person and more. If a mere change in number in one’s calendar could make him/her want to transform, why not make every day a reason to purge past the mistakes instead of waiting 364 days to start afresh?



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