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How to Deal with Sex Problems in a Marriage

Snr By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 27, 2011
How to Deal with Sex Problems in a Marriage

Dealing with Sex Problems in a Marriage: Know ways to deal with sex problems in your marriage. There is a way out, whatever be the reason, mental or physical.

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Sex life tends to lose its spark with the passage of time in a marriage. It is common with most couple that after a few years into their marriage, sex problems starts affecting the relationship. What complicates the situation is the stubborn non-committal approach of one or both the partners towards identifying it as a problem. In order to deal with sex problems in a marriage, they first need to identify it as an issue. It could be due to losing interest, a medical condition, or just lack of time and energy resulting in the slump in sexual life.


Dealing with Sex Problems in a Marriage

  • Admit to the Trouble For starters, shun the denial mode start accepting the problem. As with any other, sex problems in a marriage will not be resolved by sweeping them under the carpet. If you are not having sex with your spouse or do so after long intervals, there is a problem which needs to be solved. Admit that to each other and look forward to solving it.
  • Do not blame your Spouse for it – While it is important to admit to the problem, it would not do to put the blame squarely on your partner for it. Your partner might be having the same feelings about you. At times, the problem can be side-effect of a medication or difficulty in dealing with stress.
  • Do not Saddle Yourself with Guilt – Do not feel responsible for the lack of fervour in your sex life. You are bound to lose a bit of spark after spending some time together. It does not mean that all is over and you might be surprised when one fine day, the same old feelings come flooding back together. So, just bide your time to help your relationship without getting guilty and impatient.
  • Get Medical Help or Counselling – Women experience a lack of sex drive after childbirth or when they are approaching menopause. High blood pressure and stress is a common complain of men in losing sex drive. Get the medical help needed for treating these conditions. You might want to visit a marriage counsellor or a sex therapist to reconnect with your spouse. They can help you ease out resentments and breathe new life into sex.

Dealing with sex problems in a marriage can be easy for people who are willing to act in a mature way and and also for those who believes in having a long-lasting relationship.


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