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How to Deal With Colic in Infants

Newborn Care By Vatsal Anand , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 22, 2012
How to Deal With Colic in Infants

How to deal with colic in infants: Dealing with colic in infants involves making him sleep as easily as possible. Some tips given here can help you in avoiding those mistakes that can lead to colic in your infants.

If your baby cries for three or more hours a day, for three days a week, and this continues for three weeks or more, your child is “colicky”. It is a condition which is normal in infants but not necessarily easy to deal with. It is caused by sharp pain occurring from time to time in a baby’s abdomen because of his underdeveloped digestive system.

Tips to deal with Colic in Infants


  • Know the times when your baby awakens. It has been found that babies with regular sleep timings are inclined to have less colic. Get expert insight on the awake times for each age group of babies. Use this to have a routine based on your baby’s habits. For example, a newly born would awaken only for forty five minutes to an hour, before it is time to sleep again.
  • Watch out for signals of over-stimulation in your baby. This is particularly found in late afternoons. If your baby is seen looking away, grizzling or sucking on hands, these are the signs of over-stimulation. Once you have realized this, start calming your baby in the run up to making him fall asleep.
  • If you do not want to over-stimulate your baby, be careful to not move out in the afternoon. Any kind of unusual outings, shopping or social gatherings after 4 pm should be avoided.
  • Use tools such as a sling to soothe your baby in order to prevent colic.

Pre-bed routine for dealing with colic in infants


If you follow the routine given here, it can help you in dealing with colic better:

  • Do not give a bath to your baby before bedtime. This is because this leaves him over-stimulated leading to colic. Giving him a bath in the morning till the problem of colic is over would suit you much more.
  • By swaddling your baby, you would help to settle him.
  • Do not try to burp your baby in excess. You should try it for five minutes at most. After this time is over and still there is no burp, you let it be and not trouble the infant anymore.
  • Give your baby the last feeding of the day in the dark.
  • Make your baby sleep after he has had his feed and burped.
  • If your baby tends to fuss, let him do so. Yes, allow him to fuss with your hand as you hold your hand on him. It would be advisable not to fiddle with the baby too much. He is more likely to settle after lifting and burping him.

Besides learning to deal with colic in your baby, you also need to know how to manage your older kids if any.


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