How to treat white spots caused by tanning

Sep 19, 2012

Quick Bites:
  • White spots is one of the side-effects of sun tan.
  • The selsun blue shampoo can prove beneficial.
  • Selenium sulphide helps get rid of white spots.
  • It takes some time to catch up with your original skin tone.

There are significant side-effects of sun tan you might have. The common consequences from sunburns are pigmentation and dehydration. There could be more repercussions.


treat white spots


One of the unsightly side-effect is the appearance of white spots from tanning, also known as Tinea Versicolor. These specific marks are a result of fungal infection on the skin. The marks appear as ugly white patches and are most common in frequent tanners.

Curing these white spots requires a certain approach from the patient for an effective and sustained cure. Some of the available treatment options for white spots are as follows.
The selsun blue shampoo can prove to be an ideal home based remedy for these spots. It contains selenium sulphide which is known to be an active ingredient for curing such problems. This needs to be applied once a day, directly on the marks, and washed off after fifteen minutes.

Recurrence of infections is a common factor in such skin disorders. Sometimes it is difficult to decipher if the marks have been cured or still continue to persist. They look like white patches which continue to remain on the skin forever. In order to prevent the resurgence of the fungal infection, you need to wash your body with selsun blue shampoo on a regular basis or at least twice a week, till the cure is complete.

You might also have to consume oral antibiotics for controlling the infection. Normally, these will be duly prescribed by your doctor, and you need to consume them twice a day.

You need to be patient as it can take some time to catch up with your original skin tone.


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