How to Cope With Becoming a Step Parent?

Jul 29, 2011

Quick Bites:

Being a step-parent can be a difficult time, but it’s important to appreciate that it is difficult for the child too; he may still be going through the emotional trauma of his parents split. Read on to understand how to deal with your situation.

  • Give your stepson time and space, and respect his feelings; do not adversely react to his negative behavior. He may take time to accept you, as it’s difficult for him to understand the separation of his parents.
  • Take your relationship with him slowly; accept that it is going to take him time to understand your new role in his life. Start with being friends, earn his trust and respect before trying to become his parent.
  • Be amicable with your new spouse's ex; you may not like your him/her but being amicable and friendly will make it easier for the child to accept you.
  • Like the natural parent, give them unconditional love; if you love them, the child will see this eventually.

It may be frustrating but children need time to get over this major change in their life, so be patient. After you are accepted you will have to deal with normal parenting problems.