How common is a False Negative Pregnancy Test?

Updated at: Aug 18, 2011
How common is a False Negative Pregnancy Test?

A false negative pregnancy test is common becaus women tend to make errors while taking the test. Even if a minor details is missed then the result is a false negative pregnancy test.

Arpita De
PregnancyWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: May 17, 2011

The first instinct that every women has when she experiences one or more symptoms of pregnancy, is to run to the nearest the drug store and take a home pregnancy test. However, there is one thing that they tend to overlook and it is that a false negative pregnancy test is immensely common. A false negative pregnancy test can cause a lot of worry both for women who are desperately trying to get pregnant and also the ones who do not want to get pregnant.


How common is a False Negative Pregnancy Test?

  • A false negative pregnancy test has worried every woman once in a while. It is common because most of time women who are taking the test ignore the instructions given on the test kit or on the manual provided by the manufacturer.
  • A false negative pregnancy is also common because most women tend to drink a lot of fluids in order to produce sufficient urine for taking the test. This practice dilutes their urine and it becomes very difficult to detect the hCG level. The hCG level is most detectable in the first urine of the day.
  • The technique employed to take the home pregnancy test can also be the cause of a false negative pregnancy test. If you do not dip the pregnancy test stick well into the urine sample it may lead to a false negative result. Also if you do not put the adequate amount of urine the test sample area then it might also lead to false negative pregnancy test. 
  • When a home pregnancy test is taken right on the first day of the missed period, it can cause a false negative pregnancy test. This tendency to not wait for at least a week before taking the test makes the false negative pregnancy test more common. A home pregnancy test can accurately measure the hCG level in your body after implantation has happened. Implantation happens around the first day of the missed period, so it is a good idea to wait for a few days do that the hCG level in the body rises.
  • In today’s day and age the false negative pregnancy tests are becoming more common due to lifestyle changes. The hormonal balance of women can be upset due to their hectic lifestyles. This might lead to insufficient hCG levels in the body and the obvious false negative pregnancy test.

The false negative pregnancy test is very common because of minor mistakes that most women make. One has to be very careful and patient about taking the test with adequate precaution.


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