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How to Choose Baby Diapers

Updated at: Dec 21, 2011
Newborn Care
Written by: Eesha DuggalPublished at: Dec 21, 2011
How to Choose Baby Diapers

Newborn Care - You should know the pros and cons of cloth diapers and disposable diapers and choose what is best for your baby.

Baby DiapersDiaper could be a synonym for childhood. It is rather cute and natural to giggle at those instances. However, parents are often in a fix about choosing the right baby diapers for their tiny one.

Should disposable diapers be used in place of cloth diapers? What is the difference? Which one is the best for the baby? Are cloth diapers sanitary? Such choice concerns and bewilderments in the course of baby diaper choosing are natural and comprehensible. The main problem is the choice between cloth and disposable diapers.

Let us see how you can rightly choose baby diapers (cloth and disposable diapers).


Cloth Diapers

  • Keep your diaper store full all the time. It must consist of pre-folded diapers and Velcro waterproof pants, plastic clips, and pins. You may choose the sewn-on diapers as well.
  • Always go for cloth diapers that are more absorbent.
  • Cloth diapers come all- in- one too. They have a diaper with the cover; so they don’t require pins. With their resemblance and workability pretty much like the disposable diapers, they might take much more time in drying up.
  • Stay ready for washing since it is unlike using and throwing disposable diapers.


Disposable Diapers

  • Size is very important. Bigger diapers result in leaking and diapers too petite will make the child uncomfortable. So be completely knowledgeable about the baby’s weight and size. Try various sizes before zeroing in on one.
  • It is preferable not to jam your shelf with one brand until you absolutely know which one suits your child best.
  • Try out generic brands too. They are less expensive and at times better than the pricier brands.
  • It is to be noted that day care centres have always been insisting on disposable diapers and that is how they have an edge over the cloth ones.
  • If possible, select eco-friendly baby diapers. They are usually expensive but ensure holistic protection.
  • Always decide which diaper you want to use for your newborn. Have preferences. However, always keep the other one handy; in case the baby gets rashes, you can bring the other one into use.

Ponder over the suitability of diaper for your baby and what is genuinely affordable for you. Most of the times it is disposable diaper versus cloth diaper. The former works longer and the later one is more expensive but definitely handy. For baby diaper choosing, consult your paediatrician also. Seek recommendations for the baby’s umbilical cord care . It will give you an insight on how to choose baby diapers. If you are using cloth ones while you are out with your baby, keep a baggie so you can dump dirty cloth diapers in it, until they get washed for reuse.

Choosing baby diapers can certainly be a riddle at times but with relevant information and consultancy, the most suitable diaper can be chosen for your little sweetheart!


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