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How to Care for a C-section Scar

Updated at: May 03, 2013
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: May 03, 2013
How to Care for a C-section Scar

The best way to know how to care for a c-section scar is to talk to your doctor and ask him for ways in which it can be cared for and cleansed to speed the healing process.

How to Care for a C section ScarA caesarean section is a complicated surgery that once completed leaves a vertical or horizontal incision mark around the abdomen. Soon after the surgery, the area where the incision was made must be left to heal on its own time and be vet meticulously to prevent the possibility of an impending infection or scarring.  The best way to know how to care for a c-section scar is to talk to your doctor and ask him for ways in which it can be cared for and cleansed to speed the healing process.

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Follow your Doctor’s Advice

After c-section, the doctor usually recommends the patient to remain indoors and avoid as much of physical activity as possible as lifting, exercising or walking can trigger the incision to open and thereby, make you susceptible to contracting infections. If your doctor advices rest for a certain number of days before you can attempt to work again, make sure that you stick to his/her advice. Request the members of the family to help you during the first few weeks post surgery so you can give the scar enough time to heal.

Wash the Scar

Try to clean the incision scar when bathing, but avoid rubbing or scrubbing it. You could use a mild antibacterial soap and spread it leisurely on the entire scar. Let the soap sit for a minute or two on the scar so it can kill any bacteria that may be breeding in and around the area before gently rinsing it away.

Secure the Scar

Secure the scar with a bandage if you are instructed to do so by the doctor. The scar may begin to heal on its own even before you leave the hospital. You will need dressings only in the first week post surgery.  You may receive an antibacterial ointment from the hospital, which you must apply a thin layer of before placing a fresh dressing on the scar. Make sure that you have a prescribed ointment to use instead of an over-the-counter one.

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Contact Doctor if Scar Opens

Mayo Clinic suggests that women taking care of c-section scar post surgery must pay a visit to the doctor immediately if the C-section scar opens, begins to swell or oozes pus or blood. These are signs of infection that must be dealt with strictly and sought treatment for immediately. Remember to go for all the follow-up appointments. In these appointments the obstetrician examines the scar and tells you whether it is healing perfectly or not. Depending on whether the scar has healed or not, the obstetrician will prescribe or proscribe physical activities until the next follow-up session.

Exfoliate the Scar

Remember to exfoliate the c-section scar when it has finally healed as this smoothens out the inflamed parts of the scalp. This makes it less noticeable over a few days or weeks. As for the aesthetics, there is little to worry about as these are uterine and cut low on the abdomen, making them less noticeable when wearing a swimsuit or underwear.

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