How can parents manage anger in children?

Updated at: Feb 06, 2013
How can parents manage anger in children?
Dr Poonam Sachdev
Tips for ParentWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Feb 06, 2013

All of us get angry but children especially smaller ones can have trouble expressing their feelings. Hence they may take out their anger and frustration on other people. Some children can have frequent outbursts. As a parent you have teach your child to control and express anger in an acceptable way. Read on how you can help your child to overcome anger issues.

  • Anger in Children: Children can feel angry when they are helpless, frustrated anxious, sad or even lonely. You should try to find out why your child is having frequent outbursts. Pay attention to his or her feelings and the trigger factor.
  • Expressing Anger: Some children may scream when angry where as others may sulk and cry, or hit someone. Children can get angry even when they want your attention.
  • Teach about Feelings: You have to teach your child the correct way of expressing his or her feelings (anger, joy, frustration). Encourage them to vocalize their concern rather than screaming, hitting or crying. This way they become familiar with the different emotions and the right ways of expressing
  • Guide your Child: Behave the way you want your child to behave. Teaching by being a role model is the best way. Encourage them to vocalize their concern but also make sure you teach your child the correct way of expressing his or her feelings.
  • Practice timeout: If your child is angry and overwhelmed with their feelings, teach them to take a break.
  • Discipline for an angry child: If your child continues on with the angry outbursts then discipline is very important. Make rules and stick to them. Do not give harsh punishment, ridicule them and avoid being sarcastic.




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