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How to Build Effective Parenting Skills

Updated at: Feb 22, 2012
Tips for Parent
Written by: Aparna MirPublished at: Feb 22, 2012
How to Build Effective Parenting Skills

There are various ways to develop effective parenting skills. These skills help to nurture the child in a very effective way.

Every parent wants to develop perfect parenting skills so that he/she can act as a role model for their child. Good parents can successfully shape their child to be a good human being.

With good parenting skills, parents can provide emotional, physical and intellectual support to the child. Effective parenting can develop a child’s personality and attitude. It can modify a child’s thinking towards life.

Effective parenting skills can be developed by following a few basic steps.

  • Take advice - For new parents, it’s highly beneficial to take necessary advices regarding parenting from experts or from their respective parents. Old people too can give expert tips for parenting.
  • Teach love and discipline - The parents should learn when to show love and when to teach discipline to their child. Love and discipline are always related. Too much love can spoil the child’s nature. In the same way, too much discipline can make the child arrogant. So a proper balance should be maintained between the two.
  •  Presence and care - This is especially for working parents. Try to be with the child whenever he/she needs you. Your presence and care can make the child feel secure and feel protected.
  • Understand the child’s feeling - Never try to impose your thoughts on your child. This is the biggest mistake parents make. Try to understand the child’s feeling by allowing him/her to express it fearlessly. Support the child’s feelings and if found unsuitable, make him/her understand this with love.
  • Maintain communication- Healthy communication is the key to develop a healthy relationship between parents and the child. Lack of communication creates problems. It can be maintained by frequent talks on various issues related to the child. To maintain  good communication, it’s necessary for parents to be an effective listener.
  • Reward the child - Always reward the child if he/she has done something commendable in his/her ability. Praise the child’s efforts. A child always longs for the parents’ appreciation. So always appreciate them if they have achieved anything.
  • Active participation - Parents should actively participate in child’s activities such as their playful acts and games. This helps the parents to connect emotionally and mentally with the child.

By following these tips one can prove to be effective parent for their child. Good parenting skills can help to raise the child in a very disciplined and loving way.


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