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    How to Brush Your Teeth?

    Oral Health Conditions By Editorial Team , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 01, 2013
    How to Brush Your Teeth?

    The Modified Bass brushing technique

    • Hold your toothbrush head horizontally against your teeth so that the bristles are part way on the gums
    • Tilt the brush head to approximately 45-degree angle, so that the bristles are directed under the gum line.
    • Move your brush in very short horizontal strokes, so that the tips of the bristles remain in one place, and the head of the brush moves backward and forward. Or move the brush in tiny circular motions as this encourages the bristles to slide gently under the gum. Do this about 20 times to adequately clean away as much plaque as possible. In healthy gums, this gentle motion does not cause pain. If you brush too vigorously or with large strokes it can damage your gums.
    • Move the bristles of the brush in such as way (roll or flick) that they move out from under the gum toward the biting edge of the tooth. This helps to remove plaque from under the gum line.
    • Repeat the above for all your teeth, so that all every part of your mouth, teeth and gum lines are cleaned.
    • For the insides of your front teeth, hold your brush vertically. Clean the insides as well with gentle back and forth brushing action and finally make roll or flick the bristles of the brush toward the biting edge.
    • Clean the biting or chewing surfaces of teeth as well. The brush should be held in such as way that the bristles are straight down on the flat surface of the molars. Move the brush backward and forward gently or in tiny circles to clean the entire surface. Clean all teeth in this manner.
    • Rinse your mouth with water to remove food residue and removed plaque after brushing.
    • Clean your tongue with brush, by moving the brush firmly but gently from back to front. This can clear even more bacteria from your mouth. Rinse again after cleaning your tongue.



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