How big is your baby?

Updated at: Nov 30, 2011
How big is your baby?

Newborn Care - Read through to go over each week’s baby’s development during pregnancy from embryo formation to delivery.

Vatsal Anand
Newborn CareWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 30, 2011

During pregnancy, the size of your baby varies every week. It is quite intriguing to go through each stage of the baby’s development from 4 weeks onwards. 

4 weeks


After 4 weeks, the embryo is formed in your uterus after conception. This is your baby. It is about 2 mm long and resembles a poppy seed.

5 weeks


Your baby looks like a tadpole at this stage and also resembles an apple seed.


6 weeks


Your baby has started growing rapidly and the width is about 5mm. Your baby looks like a grain of lentil (daal).


7 weeks


The baby is around 50 inches in size and looks a bit like blueberry.

8 weeks


Your baby is around 1.2 cm in size, with its size having doubled in the past week. It appears to be a raspberry at this stage.


9 weeks


The baby resembles a grape at this stage and its weight is round 2 grams. From head to toe, the baby would measure 2.3 cm.


10 weeks

Average size of baby at this stage is 1.2 inches. It would look like a prune.


11 weeks

The baby has grown to be as big as a fig and weighs around 7 grams. Its length is around 4 cm.


12 weeks

Your lime shaped baby weighs around 14 grams and all his vital systems are formed.

13 weeks

The baby would look like a peach at this stage, weighing    around 23 grams and 7.4 cm in length, from top to bottom.

14 weeks

The lemon shape of your baby is around 3.4 inches in length and weighs around 43 grams.

15 weeks

The baby would have grown the size of an apple by now measuring 10 cm and weighing 70 grams.


16 weeks


The eyebrows, eyelashes and hair of the baby are filling in and the baby’s shape is that of an avocado. The baby weighs 100 grams and measures 11.6 cm from head to bottom.


17 weeks


Average baby size is 15.3 cm, from top to bottom and weight is 240 grams.


18 weeks


The baby weighs 190 grams, resembles a bell pepper and is 14.2 inches long.


19 weeks


Your baby is the size of a full grown mango and 15.3 cm in length, weighing 240 grams.

20 weeks


The baby has grown the length of a banana and measures 16.4 cm in length and weighs 300 grams.


21 weeks


The baby is the length of a long carrot with 26.7 cm height.

22 weeks


Average height is around 27.8 cm and weight is around 420 grams.


Weeks 22 to 24


Your baby is the shape of a papaya in these months. The baby’s nipples are growing and face is well formed.


Weeks 25 to 28

Baby’s takes the shape of an eggplant (baigan), and its immune system is developing at this stage.


Weeks 29 to 32

The baby resembles a squash in this period. Your baby now has a sleeping and waking cycle.

Weeks 33 to 36

Your baby looks like a honeydew and is about to descend into the uterus for delivery.

Weeks 37 and 38


Your baby is ready for delivery. It can happen anytime!


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