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How to Best Deal With a Nagging Wife

Dating By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Sep 29, 2012
How to Best Deal With a Nagging Wife

Is your wife nagging you every now and then? Is she becoming a menace for you? Find out ways to deal with your nagging wife!

How to Best Deal With a Nagging WifeIt is difficult to put up with her complains and nagging nuances. You are in love with your wife and would give anything to keep her happy, but she is way too nagging! So, if you’re looking for answers on how to deal with nagging at home, we’re citing out a few ways that’ll keep the coastline clear of any fights and arguments.


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  • The Hide Out – Probably the last time you had heard this term was while watching a war film. Now comes your war and you need to hide yourself from the Kalashnikovs and the grenades that your wife holds in her hands. She is rambling on and on about some trivial domestic issue and you are taking the hits. After a day of work among horrible bosses and weird colleagues this is the last thing you want. Hence, the hide out; and it can be a room, a pub or a friend’s place. Don’t forget to have a beer, listen to music and lay/sit down in peace.


  • Be Kind and Rewind – If you for one unexplainable moment just watch her, you will see the girl you had fallen in love with. They are so in love that they just rewind time and fall in love yet again; in fact they fall in love every single day! It is a surprising how much of an effect Nicholas Sparks’ novels can have on people. So, you can just take her out and keep her happy, rewind to those old times and have a nice evening. Make her feel like a teen again, make her feel special!


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  • The Talk – Nothing like the good old talk, trust us; it has ended wars. There may be a reason why she is always nagging you. Try and talk to her and find out if something is bothering her, some issue is on her mind and she can’t handle things anymore. It may be much easier than you think it to be, so talk. If she does not understand you or is resistant to what you say or do, then give it one more try. Keep trying until your hair turns grey, that’s what most men do.


  • Be smooth – Smile at her, go forward slowly and hug her and then kiss her when she nags you. Nothing like this, you are happy and we guess she will be too. Compliment her and tell her it’s all right and you will take care of whatever is going on with her. You may also end up having ‘post-nagging sex’, which is usually pretty good I believe but not as exciting as post fight, tear and drama sex. Find out, now! [Read: Love making the Indian Kama Sutra Way]


  • The Trigger – Okay, now for the hard fact. Have you ever thought that you could be the reason for her foul mood? We are sure that you are a very nice husband, there is no doubt. But, just find out if she is annoyed with you about something. If that is the case then you could change yourself, at least in front of her! You dear friend can be a miracle worker. So, help yourself if you are at fault and that would surely help her!


A woman is like an oasis in a deserted ruin, without them this life cannot play out in full. The oasis may not be as blue and sparkling as you thought it was from far. But that is the only source of life, cherish it.


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