How Asthma affects Fitness?

Apr 17, 2012

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How Asthma affects FitnessAsthma affects individual's breathing passages and therefore, discourages them to be involved in physical activities for fitness. Asthmatics must ascertain that normal breathing don’t get affected by physically demanding activities like jogging, or lifting weights, or gymming. Therefore, most asthmatics choose non-involvement in physical activities. This simple seeming solution of averting asthma attacks puts one’s health and fitness at stake.

It is a dilemma for asthma patients, choosing between avoiding asthma attack and maintaining a fit body with regular workouts. Opting former, asthmatics end up with fitness issues or weight problems. Inadequate weight or imbalance of fitness also increase risk of asthma attacks.

Role of Physical Activity in Asthma

Fear of asthma attack is a fair reason for asthmatics to avoid strenuous activity, as physical exertion is also considered to be among the reasons to trigger it. Limiting physical activities, patients tend to gain weight unconsciously. Children with asthma are also contained to play video games instead of playing outdoors.

Health experts agree with the notion that lack of exercise is another asthma trigger. For example, physically inactive asthmatic is quietly likely to experience shortness of breath after few meters of jogging or few minutes of light exercises. Lungs are restricted of exercise needed; therefore, allergens like polluted air, dust and smoke can easily affect an individual. To conclude, asthma patients also need physical activity.

Effects of Exercise on Asthma

In order to manage asthma attacks, patients need to realise the importance of physical fitness. Patients must ensure that every possibility of asthma trigger should be prevented. Physical activity assures fit body along with pair of lungs to withstand slight physical exertion and weather change. However, exercise regimen for an asthmatic should not be as exhaustive as that of a non-asthmatic, featuring low intensity exercises.

Fitness Instructions for Asthma Patients

  • Jogging outdoors should be avoided when weather is cold.
  • Ensuring environment is asthma-friendly.
  • Food intake must be complemented with exercise schedule.
  • Low intensity exercises, for less duration and less repetitions.
  • Consultation with health expert for structuring exercise schedule.

About Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disorder, or a chronic condition that causes airways of the lungs to swell and narrow. The dysfunction leads to breathing, wheezing, chest tightness, coughing and breathlessness. The life-threatening malady has no cure, but can be managed by avoiding triggers and medications.


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