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Honey get me moon

Snr By Ishita Sharma , Midday / May 24, 2013
Honey get me moon

Frayed nerves, weeks of excitement, panic attacks, regular shopping sprees and finally the most beautiful day of life — your wedding day!

Frayed nerves, weeks of excitement, panic attacks, regular shopping sprees and finally the most beautiful day of life — your wedding day! Since you have finally walked down the aisle with your partner, it's time to soak in all the memories that would last forever… As you get set for your honeymoon, here's the recipe for a perfect holiday.


Plan your honeymoon


An unplanned holiday is best left for singles and college student. Now that you are married, you need to be a little more meticulous. Make the reservations in advance, collect information about destination and keep finances ready. Remember it's the most special vacation of your life and a 'chalta hai' approach could spoil everything.


Make it special


Honeymoon is the time to discover the unknown mental and physical terrains of eachother. Flirt with eachother, as you would do as bachelors, be naughty and flatter with cuddling remarks. Make sure every night is hot and steamy. Carry your own CD'S of romantic movies (suited for adult viewing) and candles to set the right mood. Do carry your camera to capture the memories. But one thing you surely can't afford not to carry — contraceptive. And please don't go hunting for them in the middle of… you know what.


Shower gifts


Even if you have gifted each other something on your first night, a honeymoon still calls for a surprise gift. However, by a gift we do not mean something that you have bought from the local market, rather something that is personal be it a beautiful pendant or a sexy piece of lingerie.
Be yourself


Agreed that you're out to please you partner but don't just put on a façade. Sooner or later, your partner will come to know the real you. However, if there is a difference of opinion, approach it calmly. Remember you're on honeymoon — not the best time for an ego trip.


Over indulge


If you've had a lavish wedding, chances are that you are short on funds to afford an equally lavish honeymoon. Don't lose heart. Simply take off to a small hill station nearby and spend quality time together without burning a hole in your pocket. You do not have to be amidst exotic locales for the perfect honeymoon. Getting to know each other is more important.


Shop, not drop


It's good to carry mementoes for everyone back home, but don't go on a shopping spree altogether. You are here to spend quality time and not on a buying bonanza. Buy something that is truly unique and restrain your temptation to shop if you are a shopaholic.


No work please


If you think that going on a vacation would disturb your professional commitments, better you stay at home because work or vacations can't be clubbed. Just imagine if you're in the middle of lovemaking and your stupid boss calls you. Such a turn off, it would be. For the trip, take a new connection and give the number only to your relatives. Similarly, don't carry laptop unless it's absolutely essential. After all, the idea of a honeymoon is to get eachother's attention and not see them neglecting you.


Don't reveal past


Remember, you're not in a confession box when at honeymoon. If you had a past relationship, never ever bring it up if you have not done it before tying the knot. After getting married, close the chapter forever.




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