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Homeopathy Remedies for Dental Health

Updated at: Feb 01, 2013
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Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Feb 01, 2013
Homeopathy Remedies for Dental Health

Homeopathic treatment is useful in patients with dental problems because

  • Homeopathy treats patients holistically,
  • Homeopathic remedies are effective and rarely have side effects and
  • Homeopethic remedies can effectively treat toothache, dental abscess, mouth ulcers, gum infection (gingivitis), teeth-grinding are several other dental problems.


Treatment of toothache with homeopathy


Toothache a common problem that causes pain or soreness within or around a tooth can be due to inflammation and possible infection of the tooth.


Toothaches can be caused by any of the following reasons

  • Tooth decay (dental caries)
  • Infection and inflammation of the tooth pulp (pulpitis)
  • Abscesses in tooth
  • Cracked or impacted tooth
  • Disease of the gums (including periodontitis)
  • Exposure of tooth root
  • Food caught between two teeth or beneath the gum line
  • Irritation of nerve in the tooth due to clenching or grinding of teeth (bruxism)
  • After injury

Several drugs like Mercurius, Chamomilla, Belladonna, Coffea, Plantago major, Silicea, Calcarea fluorica, Calcarea phosphorica, Staphisagria, Kreosote, Arnica, are used for treating toothache. The medicine given to you is based on your symptoms and the cause of pain.


Homeopathic remedies are useful for treatment of several other dental problems such as dental abscess, mouth ulcers, gum infection (gingivitis), and teeth-grinding. Several dentists often use remedies like Arnica after extractions, Phosphorous to control bleeding, or Aconite to minimize the effects of anesthetics on sensitive individuals. Homeopathic mouthwashes (which contain herbs like Hypericum and Calendula, or Propolis) and other homeopathic remedies are usually easy to use at home.


Caution with homeopathic remedies


Homeopathic drugs can relieve pain or discomfort of common dental emergencies. Most of the homeopathic dental remedies are not meant to replace good dental care but these are usually used as adjunctive treatment to proper dental care. If you are using homeopathic drugs for dental problems you are advised, to seek advice of a dental physician as soon as possible. A homeopathic dentist may use mercury fillings, root canal treatments and x-rays even though these treatments are associated with potential side effects if a better alternative is not available for your problem. If you are using a homeopathic drug for dental problem which doesn't help, you should visit a homeopathy consultant as you probably need tailored remedy for your problems.




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