Homeopathic treatment for lipomas

Updated at: Feb 04, 2013
Homeopathic treatment for lipomas
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When anybody develops lipoma ----they usually consult a surgeon. Homeopathy is usually not thought as an option for lipomas as it is considered as a pure surgical disorder.


But do you know homeopathy can be effective for treatment of lipoma:

  • Homeopathic remedies can prevent formation of new lipoma formation.
  • Growth of existing lipomas can be arrested
  • The size of the existing lipomas can also be reduced (the lipoma is softened and flattened, so that it becomes less noticeable).
  • In relieving the pain and discomfort associated with a lipoma

The results with homeopathic treatment are better f treatment is started earlier - just after the diagnosis. The newly diagnosed lipoma treated with homeopathy in initial stages, can disappear completely. Treatment with homeopathic remedies is slow and continuous process.


According to homeopathy any illness is caused due to disharmony within your body. And the symptoms are just an expression of this disturbance. Hence the imbalance needs to be treated rather than the symptoms of the disease. Hence homeopathy, considers removal of lipoma by surgery as removal of the expression of the disease and not treatment of the cause or disease itself.  Hence recurrence of the lipoma can occur.


Homeopathy treatment aims to cure the cause of lipoma in you and not just treat the existing lipomas by improving the immune system. About 22 homoeopathic remedies are effective for treatment of lipomas. No one single homeopathic remedy is effective for everyone with lipoma. Correct choice of remedy is important to provide lasting relief. Understanding and correct judgment therefore becomes important on the part of the homeopathic doctor. The homeopathic doctor after taking a detailed history and examining you will prescribe any medication.


Some of the homeopathic remedies which are effective for treatment of lipoma include Calc ars, Calc carb, Calc flour, Lapis alb, Radium brom, Silicea, Spigelia and Thuja.


Homeopathic remedies are prescribed primarily with the intention to:

  • prevent formation of new lipoma.
  • Arrest the growth of existing lipomas
  • Reduce the size of the existing lipomas (the lipoma is softened and flattened, so that it becomes less noticeable).
  • Relieve the pain and discomfort associated with a lipoma

Surgery may be considered if homeopathic remedies are not effective in relieving the pain or discomfort associated with the lipoma or for cosmetic reasons. However, lipomas have a tendency to recur after excision (at the same site or develop at new locations).


Advantages of homeopathy for treatment of lipoma

  • It is completely non-invasive
  • Homeopathic remedies are safe for all age groups
  • It is almost free of any side effects.
  • These remedies can be used even after surgical excision of a lesion



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