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Home remedies for stretch marks

Home Remedies By Aparna Mir , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 23, 2012
Home remedies for stretch marks

There are many home remedies available to treat stretch marks. These remedies are safe to use and are very effective in removing stretch marks.

Stretch marks appear in almost every individual and on any site of the body. These stretch marks look ugly and decrease the beauty of your skin. In men, it may appear due to stress and in women, the primary reason for stretch marks is the gain/loss of body fat during and after pregnancy. Earlier people used to spend lot of money to get rid of stretch marks, but now it has been found that many home made substances can be used to for this. One can use following home remedies for stretch marks:


Stretch Mark Home Remedies


Exercise regularly to get rid of stretch marks

Exercising is a very good way to remove stretch marks. Exercising tightens your muscles, thus diminishing the stretch marks.


Eat protein and vitamin for stretch marks

Proteins and vitamins are always considered good for skin. Food containing vitamin C and vitamin K are much useful in treating stretch marks. Eating citrus food can help to diminish those ugly stretch marks. Increase the intake of milk and other dairy products to cure the stretch marks.


Homemade creams for stretch marks

Homemade creams are the safest and effective in treating stretch marks. A mixture of avocado, almond, aloe vera and jojoba with cocoa butter and chamomile oil is a perfect cream to treat stretch marks.


Massage therapy for stretch marks

A good massage given regularly with aromatic oils such as lavender and olive oil also helps to minimize the stretch marks.



Treatment of Stretch Marks


Herbal Products for stretch marks

Gotu kola, neem, sandalwood, tulsi are some of the herbal products used extensively for the treatment of stretch marks.


Eat zinc for stretch marks

 Micronutrient zinc is an effective stretch marks healer. So food rich in zinc such as seeds and nuts are good remedies for stretch marks.


Application of scrub for stretch marks

Rubbing of scrubs such as apricot scrub and walnut scrub helps to eradicate stretch marks. If a pregnant woman starts rubbing the scrubs while she is pregnant, she will never develop any stretch marks after pregnancy.


Green vegetables for stretch marks

Eating green vegetables helps to get rid of the stretch marks permanently. Iron present in the green leafy vegetable act as an eraser of the stretch marks.

Home remedies are the perfect way to treat stretch marks as they don’t cause any side effects. Also they are quite beneficial for your skin. In women, these home remedies maintain the glow and stretch of your skin post delivery. Always make sure to follow the steps of these remedies religiously as they take a long time to treat the scars.


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