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Home Remedies for Menopause Hot Flashes

Snr By Arka Roy Chowdhury , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Dec 06, 2012
Home Remedies for Menopause Hot Flashes

Menopausal discomfort for women happens due to falling estrogen levels and rapid changes in blood vessels. Here we have some home remedies to get you more comfortable.

Home Remedies for Menopause Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are usually the most common reasons for discomfort to a woman during menopause. This happens due to falling estrogen levels and  is associated with rapid changes in the blood vessels. The vessels widen without prior notice and the blood rushes towards the skin, thus heating the body. For those who  are having hot flashes and are constantly irritated by it, should take a look at some of these home remedies in order to keep it away.


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Go Slow on the Coffee: You may love a cup of hot coffee every now and then, but you should restrain from drinking too much of it.  The reason being that caffeine is a stimulant, and therefore foods and drinks that contain caffeine should be avoided as they aggravate hot flashes. You must always try to limit your caffeine intake to 200 to 300 milligrams  a day, which would come to about one-and-a-half cups of coffee. In case if you are very regular at drinking coffee then you must try and get out of this habit by slowly reducing your coffee consumption.

Exercising: Regular exercise is a good habit to improve your overall health, and hot flashes are no different, as exercising can make your hot flashes less intense. It has been found that an hour of yoga or other physical exercises  for five days a week can reduce the frequency of your hot flashes. You must be able to do moderate intensity aerobic for two-and-a-half hours every week and  some muscle-strengthening exercises two days a week.


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Black Cohosh: The roots of a plant belonging to the buttercup family have proved to be a reliever for menopausal symptoms. What is known as black cohosh is available in health food stores in various forms, but the most-studied form is Remifemin, which is a pill that contains extract of this root. However, there have been isolated reports of people getting affected on the liver, so people with liver problems should not try this herb. Although, it is always best to take doctor’s advice before talking this herb.

Bring Change in your Diet: By eating a varied diet containing whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will help you to build a healthy weight, which can lead to a decrease in hot flashes. Try and consume more soy-rich foods, since soy is rich  in isoflavones, which are thought to have effects similar to your estrogen supplements. Such foods would include soy milk, tofu, and edamame, also you must cut down on spicy foods and alcohol.


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