Home remedies for sore neck

Updated at: Jun 03, 2016
Home remedies for sore neck

Home Remedies for Sore Neck - One can try home remedies instead of using medication to treat sore neck which arises either due to wrong posture or improper night’s sleep.

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Home RemediesWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 23, 2012

There are several effective home remedies for treating the condition of sore neck. These remedies prove effective on the severity of neck pain and its duration. If pain in the neck persists for prolonged period, consultation of physician is advised. These remedies ensure tasks are performed easily in our everyday life.


Condition of Sore Neck


Sore Neck, the term used interchangeably with neck pain, is caused by inaccurate positioning of muscles, especially due to bad night’s sleep or inadequate posture while sitting/walking. These activities exert pressure on muscles, making them overworked, which leads to stiffness or soreness. In order to treat it, you must know some homecare ideas that will provide you respite from pain and misery.


Home care ideas

Gently massage to relieve sore neck

Start with a massage, which begins in a circular rubbing motion in the specific area of distress. Carry on with the circular massage motion for some time, rubbing sore region gently with your hands. Thereafter, slowly start descending into the affected muscle. Along with massaging of neck, massage on shoulders and upper back also contributes in relieving neck soreness.

During the massage, one shall also make movements of chin towards each shoulder. As a cautionary measure, neck stretches should be done gently, as they could lead to more complications like neck damage.


Cold/hot remedy for treating sore neck

Cold/Hot remedy works effectively for treating sore neck. One needs to apply ice in the affected region for about 15-20 minutes, following it with warm compression for the same duration. This process should be repeated few more times within a day for relief from sore neck.


Massaging for Sore Neck


Use the heat wraps to kill neck pain

Keep affected area in isolation with heating materials such as heat wraps is quite effective to kill the pain off sore region. Wrapping of neck will alleviate blood circulation, which in turn eases stiffness in neck muscles.


Heating through water to relieve neck pain

Heat sore region with the help of heating pad, which is one of the assured ways of easing neck soreness. Alternatively, you can even stand in a hot shower, so contact could be made between water and aching region. Be cautious while turning your head, which could prove fatal at times. Therefore, one can use hands for turning head and making neck movements. Make sure to soak affected region in water for a longer duration in order to relieve neck aches.


Several of your everyday habits can contribute to neck pain. Take the home remedies listed in this article to keep your neck held high and healthy.


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