Home remedies for sore breasts

Updated at: Aug 05, 2015
Home remedies for sore breasts

Sore breasts are mostly due to the imbalance of hormones in the body and are usually experienced just before menstruation. Some home remedies can help you feel better.

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Home RemediesWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 13, 2012

Sore breasts may be a symptom of several underlying problems, but they usually are part of the menstrual cycle. Sore breasts are caused by the imbalance of hormones soon after ovulation. Even though the pain is caused by chemical imbalance in the body, it can be relieved by altering lifestyle and diet a bit.


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Chaste tree extract

Several studies have shown that extract of the chaste tree helps in restoring the balance between progesterone and estrogen. An imbalance in the progesterone and estrogen levels can lead to fluid retention in the body that can cause breast tenderness. The chaste tree extract has been known to alleviate any symptoms of breast pain.


Vitamin E

If soreness of the breasts is intolerable, you may take vitamin supplements as these help in providing sustained relief from pain due to the soreness. Do not, however, take vitamin supplements without consulting the doctor.


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Take essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids are anti-inflammatory agents that help in reducing tenderness and pain in the breasts. Flax seed oil is also considered to be a good source of essential fatty acids.


Take magnesium supplements

Magnesium supplements help in the managing breast soreness and tenderness. According to experts, magnesium is one of the seven minerals that a person needs for optimal health. Magnesium exists in fluids that surround the tissues of the body and in the tissues. Taking magnesium supplements everyday helps in stabilising symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.


Take iodine


Take iodine

Several studies have shown that taking only lower levels of iodine can cause disorders of the breast. Eating foods that are rich in iodine, such as sea foods, are considered advantageous. It is, however, important that you check your thyroid condition before adding more iodine in your diet. A lot of iodine can be detrimental to one’s health as it can create problems in the management of hyperthyroidism.

Cold compression

Cold compression has been believed to relieve the pain due to soreness of the breast as it averts the inflammatory response. Using regular cold compression at times of acute pain is recommended for women experiencing breast soreness.

Limit caffeine intake and processed foods

Limit the intake of caffeinated foods in your diet. Avoid chocolate and cola drinks when you are going through acute pain. Foods that are packaged and have saturated fatty acids must also be avoided.

If the pain refuses to stabilise, get yourself checked with a gynaecologist.


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