Home remedies to get better sleep

Updated at: Aug 06, 2015
Home remedies to get better sleep

It's so frustrating, tossing and turning every night, in a vain attempt to try to get a decent night's sleep. There are ways to improve your chances though.

Himanshu Sharma
Home RemediesWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 02, 2013

Sleeplessness or “insomnia” is an inability to fall asleep or to sleep consistently through the night, resulting in below par performances. Experts recommend 6-8 hours of undisturbed sleep per night and this is plenty for most people, but others find it impossible to achieve that; hours are spent tossing and turning before they eventually drift off, but this sleep is interrupted and inadequate.  This piece will highlight ways to improve your sleeping patterns.



Yoga asana

Yoga Asana exercises are relaxation techniques which can help to prepare your body and mind for a night of sleep; it is important that you are mentally and physically stable.  Some of these techniques have been successful treatments for insomnia in particular, and are to be recommended if you are feeling frustrated and agitated in bed.

Yoga-Asanas, such as shirasana, sarvangasana, paschimottanasana, uttanasan, viparitakarni and shavasana, have proven to be the most effective, but to get a more comprehensive grounding on which one will work best for you, it is advised to discuss with an expert.


regular exercise


Regular exercise

Regular exercise seems to be de facto remedy for every condition, but it comes highly recommended to negate the causes of insomnia; the trick is to finish up well before you go to bed as the effects of the adrenaline may take some time to wear off, whereby your body won’t feel like resting.  Exercise stimulates the secretion of lactic acid from the body and this has a positive, relaxing effect later on. 

Jogging, speed-walking, swimming or skipping – anything which gets the heart-rate up and the limbs moving – are super way of exercising and when timed right, with respect to your bed-time, should improve your sleeping patterns.


Regular routine

Your body needs to know what to expect next, as it can prepare itself for specific actions or inactions. If you are going to bed at 1am one night and arising at 11am the following morning, then your body may be expecting that routine again. Regulating your sleeping routine is key to over-coming sleeplessness; it may take a couple of nights to get it right, but once it becomes habitual, the quality of your sleep should improve.





Many individuals swear by some home-made cocktails before the head off to bed.  One of includes grinding the root of a pippali plant to a fine powder.  Add a teaspoon of this – and a pinch of jaggery – to a glass of warm milk. Another is to mix roasted cumin seeds with a mashed banana and take straight after your dinner.  A cup of warm milk with honey has been said to help some people fight sleeplessness.

A lot of these home-made concoctions are “try and see”; they may work or they may have absolutely no effect whatsoever. If you find that none of the above remedies work for you, then you may have a serious issue and a consultation with a doctor is advised.


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