Home remedies for headache

Updated at: Jun 03, 2016
Home remedies for headache

Headaches can be an annoying symptom of stress or strained eye nerves. Find some effective home remedies to relieve the nagging headache.

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Headaches can be an annoying symptom of stress or strained eye nerves. While most headaches are self-induced, due to irregular lifestyle and inappropriate sleeping patterns, certain headaches can even turn into severe migraine attacks. If headaches are occurring frequently, then it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional and diagnose the source of the pain. Here are some home remedies to cure headache at home.

Home remedies for headache


Use ice pack to relieve headache

Headaches can be concentrated in a particular part of the cerebrum or can disseminate in the surrounding muscles and areas. Apply ice packs to the head or tie a wet cloth around the forehead.


Sandalwood to cure headache

Apply sandalwood paste thickly on the forehead. Headaches do take some time to subside with this remedy but it also calms the strained nerve endings in the optical region.


Avoid alcohol consumption

Avoid consuming excessive alcohol. Hangovers can trigger cluster headaches. Have sweet lime soda to beat the pain.


Drink red wine during menstural cycle

Headaches are also a by-product of major hormonal changes or imbalances during menstrual cycles in women. Drinking red wine in such cases does a lot to help.


Take ample rest

Stay calm and close your eyes while you lie flat on your back in a dark room. Catch up on that much-needed sleep for a while.

   remedies to cure headache


Head massage to relieve headache

Massaging your head with tea tree oil helps soothe strained nerves. This also works for headaches caused from sinus infections.


Henna to treat headache

Apply a thick layer of freshly prepared henna to your forehead and leave it on for half an hour. This helps to cure headaches caused by an over-exposure to heat.


Vegetable juice to cure headache

Add two spinaches, one cucumber, one beet and five large carrots in the juicer and strain it to a glass. Add ice-cubes and sugar if required and sip it chilled. This is the most natural and the easiest way to cure headaches without resorting to allopathic medicines.


Cinnamon to treat headache

Grind cinnamon into a paste and apply it around the nasal area and eyes cautiously. This cures sinus headaches.


Vicks vapour rub and basil leaves

Dip your legs in hot water and add one scoop of Vicks vapour rub and a handful of basil leaves to the water. Follow this routinely for a minimum of two weeks before going off to sleep.


Avoid stress on eyes

Refrain from physical activities and straining of eyes when suffering from a headache. Often stress increases the intensity of headaches that can last for a couple of hours.


Chew ajwain to cure headache

The juices of ajwain can cure headaches caused from stress.


Betel leaves for headache

Chewing betel leaves is one of the most ancient forms of relieving headaches. The juice in the betel leaves have cooling properties.

Try these remedies and get rid of that annoying headache.


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