Home remedies for coughing

Updated at: Jun 03, 2016
Home remedies for coughing

Home remedies for coughing - Coughing is a common medical condition caused by foreign particles that cause irritation. Get instant relief from these time tested home remedies.

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Coughing is a common condition where minute particles enter the respiratory pathway and cause irritation in the airways. Coughing may also occur due to various other factors, such as allergic reactions to dust, smoke and pollution, inflammation of larynx or pharynx, or some medical conditions such as lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, sinus, flu, heart disease and even weather changes.


Natural home remedies for cough

Although you can find several over-the-counter cough medications such as cough syrups and cough drops to treat coughing, it has been proved that home remedies for coughing are far more effective than allopathic medications, as they not only cure coughing, but also prevent the condition from reoccurring.


Honey for cough

Researchers at Penn State University recently revealed that the distinct antibacterial properties of honey kills pathogenic bacteria through a host of mechanisms. Besides, honey is a super antioxidant and aids immensely in healing a sore throat.


Ginger and Garlic for cough



Some doctors admit that ginger and garlic  is an effective home remedy for coughing. Ginger-garlic tea soothes the throat, alleviates the mucus membrane  and eases breathing.


Almond Seeds for cough 

Take some almond seeds and grind them. Mix these grounded almond seeds with honey to make a paste. Have it thrice a day for prompt relief.


home remedies for treating cough

Turmeric Powder for curing cough 

Turmeric powder is one of the best home remedies for coughing. It is advisable to have turmeric powder with warm milk daily, as it loosens chest congestion, clears the mucus membrane and enhances breathing.


Onion for treaing cough

Onion juice aids in clearing chest congestion and removing mucus from the lungs.


Aniseed for cough

If a patient is suffering from a severe dry cough, then Aniseed tea is the best home remedy, thinning the  phlegm accumulated in the chest.


Grapes for relieving cough

Grape juice is also deemed as one of the quick relief home remedies for cough. Doctors recommend an intake of grape juice with honey to soothe an irritated throat. By acting as an effective expectorant, it tones up the passages of the lungs.


Black Pepper for curing cough

Black pepper  treats a cough through its unique medicinal properties. Take ground black pepper and dry ginger in equal proportions, make a paste of them with honey and consume a few times a day for effective relief from coughing.

Apart from these home remedies for coughing, you can also treat a cough through herbal remedies such as bay berry, cloves, butea leaves, betel leaves, fenugreek seeds, raisins and herbal tea. Often a mild cough develops into whooping cough, if not treated properly in time. Hence, it is important to treat cough symptoms  efficiently to avoid serious complications.


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