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Home remedies for cholesterol imbalance

Updated at: Jun 03, 2016
Home Remedies
Written by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Feb 02, 2013
Home remedies for cholesterol imbalance

Home remedies for cholesterol imbalance - High cholesterol leads to a variety of health risks, a more balanced diet and strenuous exercise are advised to counter its effect, but there are other home remedies that you c

Cholesterol seems to only get bad press, with negative connotations. What many of us don’t understand is how important it is for cell structure; it plays a critical role in the transfer of fluids between cells. It is produced in our liver and is transported in our blood.  The liver produces what the body needs, but the metabolization of food molecules also triggers a supplementary and needless production; the excess builds up in our arteries, which has various health impacts.


Home Remedies for Cholesterol Imbalance

We’ll try to provide simple ways of cutting out this excessive production.

Niacin or vitamin B3 for cholestrol imbalance

Niacin – or vitimin B3 – is a simple and natural supplement to take, but its use should be discussed with your doctor first; its side effects might cause discomfort making the cure more harmful than the condition.


Over the counter Artichoke Leaf Extracts (ALE)

It is effective in accelerating bile production in the liver, which slow down the production of cholesterol and works in the same way as a prescribed drug, Statin.


Red yeast rice for cholestrol imbalance

Red yeast rice inhibits the production of cholesterol. It’s produced by fermenting red yeast over rice grains, but it should be run by doctor first.


Plant sterol and stanol supplements

Plant sterol and stanol supplements are proven to be effective in blocking the absorption of cholesterol concentrations into the intestines.


 Home Remedies for Cholesterol Imbalance Niacin


Eat green leafy vegetables

Keep your diet in check and customize it to handle high cholesterol issues. Try eating green, leafy vegetables, which are rich in fibre.


Concoction for cholestrol imbalance

Try this concoction I: one tablespoon of roasted chicory root; one tablespoon of lime flowers; ½ tablespoon of fenugreek seeds; ½ tablespoon of ginger rhizome; one quart of water.  Bring these to the boil and allow cooling off; drink 2-3 cups a day.

Try this concoction II: Two tablespoons of coriander seeds mixed in a glass of water. Bring to the boil and allow cooling off; drink 2-3 cups per day.


Guggal extracts for cholestrol imbalance

Guggul extracts reduce triglycerides and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) by 35 per cent and increase high-density lipoprotein by 20 per cent. These are available in tablet form, but should be discussed with your doctor first.


Foods for reducing cholestrol levels

Other foods such as ginger, barley and oatmeal, apples, almonds and walnuts, garlic and soy milk have reputations for reducing cholesterol levels.


Regular exercise plays a vital role

It’s well documented that a lack of exercise is a contributory factor to cholesterol excess; you need to get up and start running, walking or swimming, the corollary of which will be the burning of excess cholesterol; if these are too strenuous for you, then try Yoga, Pilates or Tai-Chi to start off.


Keep stress at bay

Eliminate unnecessary strain and stress on your liver, by reducing its work load. Apply a mudpack over your abdominal area; this remedy helps the liver and the kidneys to function optimally.


Drink enough water for cholestrol imbalance

Drink plenty of water; the recommended amount is 2-3 litres a day.


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