Holistic Treatment for Depression

Updated at: Feb 24, 2012
Holistic Treatment for Depression

Discover holistic techniques that treat depression.

Aditi Dasgupta
Mental HealthWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Feb 24, 2012

woman in depressionHolistic treatment for depression includes several treatment modules concentrating and covering all causes of depression and helping the patient regain health and mental stability in due course of time. Clinically, depression is cured with psychotherapy which encompasses a detailed study of behavioural traits. Usually, patients are cured with discussions and talks that show them possible ways to relieve them of stress. However, patients suffering from acute medical conditions need medical attention.


  • Several traditional herbs such as Hypericum perforatum are said to be therapeutic and release stress built in the patients' minds. Apart from that, acupuncture and yoga can be another vital part of holistic treatment for depression. Yoga allows bodily energies to flow in the right direction and in the due course lifts their spirits. Selective yoga postures are prescribed for stress-induced patients.
  • Holistic treatment for depression should be also undertaken in the presence of a psychiatrist. Many extreme clinical cases require medications and antidepressants. One should always consult them before reducing the dosage as an abrupt stoppage in taking medicines can lead to severe consequences. Therefore, such patients should seek medical expertise before switching to a holistic treatment. Apart from that, alcohol consumption, in general, should be reduced or abstained completely to enjoy a relaxed sleep every night.
  • Many people suffering from chronic depression should divert their mind and time in learning something new or acquiring a new skill. This can range from swimming, gymming painting or even learning a new language. The purpose is to indulge in self expression and morale boosting. These activities involve working in groups and prevent one from self-imposed isolation.
  • Acupuncture is a vital part of holistic treatment for depression. It works on the principle of activating the pressure points of the body and cures any bodily diseases. These acupuncture points have been scientifically located and is stimulated with the help of tiny needles and wooden instruments. Extremely beneficial and proven useful, more and more people trust acupuncture as the most trustworthy treatment rather than Allopathy.
  • Fluctuations in diet are the most immediate change that a depressed person undergoes. As a result, obesity and anorexia are the two most visible symptoms.  A holistic approach would try to heal the patient and the disorder with the help of a qualified nutritional counsellor who can recommend personalised and interesting eating plans controlling individual food preferences. Another relaxing treatment included in this holistic approach is therapeutic massages. Often, the massages are divided over a couple of sessions, depending on the patient’s availability and time. These massages release the tension in the muscles and remove lethargy and fatigue leaving the patient rejuvenated and healed. It also soothes anxiety.


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