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Holistic Approaches to Back Pain Relief

Updated at: Jan 20, 2012
Written by: Pratima SharmaPublished at: Dec 08, 2011
Holistic Approaches to Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Treatment - Acupuncture, massage, yoga, magnetic therapy are some good alternate therapy holistic approaches to back pain relief.

Holistic approaches to back pain relief

A number of factors account for back pain, the most common ones being arthritis, osteoporosis due to ageing, excessive stress and physical trauma. Whatever may be the reason, back pain can be excruciating especially with the aged, significantly affecting their mobility. Back pain should not be neglected, and must be subjected to immediate treatment before the situation takes a serious turn. Back pain can also affect adolescents and children, the young and middle aged, and sufferers below 10 years of age.

In US, about 50-60% of the workers complain of back pain of varying degrees due to workplace conditions and the nature of the job. Any stress on the spinal cord can give rise to back pain. Treatment for back pain relief is generally carried out through the administration of NSAID’s, corticosteroid injections and surgery in some cases.


However, in the present day scenario, most sufferers are aware of the side effects of the above treatment and tend to adopt holistic methods of back pain relief that provide permanent cure, without any side effects. Holistic approaches for back pain relief work well with children too. Holistic methods are more effective as the treatment involves in the integration of the physical, psychological and spiritual factors of life that gradually leads to complete cure. The results may not be instant, but carrying out holistic treatment is highly recommendable for back pain relief.


Holistic Approaches to Back Pain Relief:


  • Acupuncture: This traditional Chinese medicine more than 2,000 years old is very effective in treating a number of diseases including back pain. The treatment, based on the nervous stimulation directs the flow of energy to the brain through several paths with the use of sterilised needles. It is a painless treatment as the stimulation of nerves aids in releasing hormones causing back pain relief.
  • Massage: Massaging the painful areas of the back with special oils can provide instant back pain relief. Massaging improves the blood circulation of the affected areas and releases muscular stress and strain. Massage is one of the popular holistic approaches to back pain relief.
  • Yoga: No treatment can be better than practicing yoga postures regularly for back pain relief. This holistic treatment relaxes muscles, imparts flexibility to the spinal cord and improves blood circulation, providing relief from back pain. Special breathing techniques followed during yoga reduce the stress created by the electrical impulses and also reduce muscular tension.
  • Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT): One of the recent developments in holistic approaches to back pain relief in the US is neuromuscular therapy. It involves deep body massages. The NMT massage, carried out by expert masseurs in reputed massage clinics reduces the inflammation of the nerves and muscles and restores a relaxing effect on your body and mind.
  • Magnetic Therapy: Magnets can be used to provide back pain relief. This is the latest discovery in holistic medicine that helps to reduce chronic back pain. Magnetic therapy is performed by placing specially designed magnets of varying strengths on the painful areas. Magnets help in relaxing the capillary walls enhancing the blood flow in those areas.
  • Herbs: Use of herbs is one of the most popular holistic approaches to back pain relief. Herbs such as boswellia, ginger, and cayenne pepper are known for their anti-inflammatory and pain reducing properties that can provide permanent relief from chronic back pain.

Holistic approaches to back pain relief are undoubtedly the best and safest means of treating the problem. One should consult expert health care providers and strictly maintain the guidelines laid by them for permanent relief from back pain. It is wise to refrain from self-medication while treating back pain.


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