Holi Colours Can Cause These Skin Diseases, Be Careful

Updated at: Mar 01, 2018
Holi Colours Can Cause These Skin Diseases, Be Careful

Holi colours contain harmful substances and chemicals that can affect your skin. Read about the types of skin allergies you can get from these colours and how to prevent them. 

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Festival FeverWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Mar 01, 2018

As we know, Holi is a festival of colours and one of the most celebrated festivals in the country. Originally, the festival was celebrated to mark the commencement of spring using colours made from flowers. Over the years, chemicals and harmful substances have replaced flowers. Today, harmful substances like mica, glass powder and acids are used that can cause severe skin or hair problems.

So, one must be cautious at the time of Holi. Now you must be thinking of the ways in which you can protect your skin. Well, here are few of the tips to help you steer clear of skin allergies.

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Skin Allergies

Eczema: This is one of the most common allergic conditions that occur due to artificial colours. It makes the skin appear scaly and inflamed. It causes blisters that lead to itching of the highest degree.

Rhinitis: This allergic condition causes an inflammation of the nasal membrane. In this condition, one experiences nasal discharge, congestion, itching, and sneezing.

Pneumonitis: This allergy occurs due to an inhalation of chemically treated colours, wherein one experiences fever, chest, tightness, fatigue, and breathing difficulty.

Asthma: Artificial colours can cause damage to the airways, and one can develop asthma in this condition--the person suffering from this condition experiences breath shortness and difficulty in breathing.

Dermatitis: Another such plausible allergy is atopic dermatitis that occurs due to a chemical reaction of colours. The allergy causes severe pain, blistering, and itching.

Avoiding Skin Allergies

  • To be safe from allergies, one should apply moisturizing cream or lotions on the skin before playing Holi
  • After playing Holi, apply calamine lotion all over the skin—this remedy will help get rid of the colour from your skin easily
  • Do not use items like kerosene oil to remove dark colours
  • Do not use laundry soap at all to avoid allergic skin; this can lead to more allergies
  • If your skin is sensitive then avoid rubbing the colour off your skin, rather remove it slowly and steadily
  • One home remedy is applying curd to the coloured areas of the skin—this would not harm the skin in any way and curd will also moisturize your skin
  • Keep the children away from dark colours as their skin is sensitive and these colours can lead to severe allergies
  • Also, try and mix the Holi colours in water to diminish their effect
  • Use good quality herbal colours and avoid using the cheaply available substitutes
  • Instead of using face wash or soap, use natural ingredients like curd, gram flour, or flour to get rid of the colours
  • Lastly, use cold water to remove Holi colours from your skin

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