High BPA Levels may Hurt Sperm Quality

Apr 18, 2013

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High BPA levels may hurt Sperm Quality

Medical practitioners have proven that BPA - or Chemical Bisophenol A - considerably reduces the sperm count in men leading to infertilisation. . BPAs are frequently found in food packaging, consumer products and additional plastics, and are also responsible for reducing the quality of men’s semen.  BPA traces primarily found in the urine portray the reduced-functioning condition of sperm cells. This is one of the main reasons men acquire infertility.


Research conducted internationally shows no link between BPA and semen level. However, it does affect the genitalia - including the scrotum and testicles - to a great extent if exposed to BPA for unusually long periods of time.


People who are more prone to BPA side-effects are factory workers, miners or people involved in toxic waste management or bottling factories.  The damage caused by BPA is unprecedented, as fumes caused by hardened plastics are hazardous in various degrees leading to a delay in family planning for couples who wish to conceive.