Here Are Some Factors Why Weight Loss Is Different In Men And Women

Updated at: Oct 26, 2020
Here Are Some Factors Why Weight Loss Is Different In Men And Women

Have you ever thought that weight loss is is different in men and women? Here are some reasons behind it. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Weight ManagementWritten by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Oct 26, 2020

Weight loss is very hard and come come with a lot of barriers in life. Being fit is not a piece of cake. But have you ever thought that weight and gender are also somehow connected? It is believed that men lose weight faster than women, and this rumour is true. Women V/s men even enforced in weight loss journeys. Therefore, read further to learn the details about the different weight loss approach of men and women.

Why is it harder for women to lose weight than men?

weight loss

There are many factors responsible behind men losing weight faster than women. Things like biological and hereditary problems come along with it. Weight loss journey is easier for men due to various reasons. Below mentioned are some causes why is it harder for women to go on a weight loss regime than men:

1. Biological gender difference

There are some factors that are present in a person by birth according to the gender. On an average, women have around 6-11% more body fat than men. This body fat helps women during puberty, pregnancy and even menopause. Even if a woman is taking less calories, then also they have more average body fat then men.

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2. Diet preferences

Some studies have shown that men consume more meat and poultry focused food items like chicken, duck, fish etc. However, women are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. This diet preference difference can also be a reason behind weight loss being harder for women than men.  

3. Muscle mass

muscle mass

We all know that there is a big gap in muscle mass of men and women. Genetically, men have more muscle in comparison to women. Initially, if a man starts his weight loss journey, it will be far more easier for him to burn fat than women. A girl has to cut more calories than a woman.

4. Testosterone and estrogen 

Testosterone present in boys also plays an important role in your weight loss journey. In fact, the extra estrogen that is not in their body gives men an added advantage. This hormone makes it difficult to lose weight. It may be hard to think about these natural facts that become drawbacks in your weight loss regime, but the important thing is to not get demotivated by them. 

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5. Hormonal and stress eating 

stress eating

It is a commonly known fact that stress eating is more common in women that men. During menstruation, a woman's body goes through heavy hormonal changes. The high progesterone levels make you eat more, making weight loss even more difficult. 

These were some reasons why it is harder and more time consuming for women to lose weight than men. Just know these reasons and try working out some of them by eating more proteins, exercising, etc. However, it is important to understand that there is a huge difference between being fat and unhealthy. If you have a large body then that doesn't mean that you have health problems. A lean body can also be unhealthy and have health problems. You can leave the judgement to the experts of this field. 

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