Hema Malini Birthday Special: Secret Behind Dream Girl's Flawless Beauty Revealed!

Updated at: Oct 16, 2020
Hema Malini Birthday Special: Secret Behind Dream Girl's Flawless Beauty Revealed!

Bollywood’s Dream Girl Hema Malini is known for her healthy skin and age-defying glow. She eats clean and stays physically active.

Chanchal Sengar
Skin CareWritten by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Oct 16, 2019

‘Dream Girl’ Hema Malini is a fine actress, graceful dancer, active politician and most importantly, a generous soul. She used to be the definition of glamour in the 1970s and now that she is in her 70s, her beauty is something to look out for! She once quoted, “Beauty is god’s gift and one should never take it for granted. My skin is good because God made it so. I keep it very clean and free of make-up as much as possible.” This pretty much summarizes her take on beauty. No wonder she is defying age so gracefully. On the occasion of Hema Malinin's birthday, we bring to you some of her skincare and beauty secrets. 

Healthy and balanced diet

For healthy skin, diet plays an important role. Especially at such an old age, it becomes all the way more important to eat healthily with little or no junk. The key to acquiring glowing skin is a diet full of fruits and vegetables. These contain vital nutrients that our skin needs to maintain the suppleness. Check out this throwback picture of hers, she still looks the same!

Hydration is very important

It is a must for everyone to allow proper hydration to the body. Apart from that, drinking other fluids like juices, coconut water, green tea, etc. is also good for your skin. These help to maintain collagen and elastin levels which thus, keeps the youthfulness intact. The actress drinks two cups of green tea every day to detoxify her body as green tea is a rich source of antioxidants.

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We all know that Hema Malini is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. Even in her 70s, she is seen dancing on several occasions showcasing her dancing prowess. Her love for dance is inexplicable and she also swears by dancing to keep herself fit and maintain the body’s flexibility. Dancing is an important part of her daily fitness routine.

Yoga and cycling

Apart from dancing, Dreamgirl Hema Malini also performs Yoga and cycling! Cycling for 10-15 minutes is a must for her. She does Pranayam or breathing exercises daily to bring balance to her mind and body. She believes that this habit keeps stress at bay which helps her stay calm throughout the day. Check out her Instagram post where she is seen doing Yoga in a retreat.

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Fasting twice a week

Hema Malini fast twice a week where her fasting diet has only dry fruits, fresh fruits and cottage cheese or Paneer. The idea behind keeping these fasts is that this helps to detoxify the body and stabilize internal systems.

Aroma oil massage

Hema Malini stays away from make-up until and unless it is required. She advocates the use of herbal products and natural ingredients for the skin. She massages aroma oils to her skin and hair to enhance their quality.

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