Helm Your Life the Right Way with These 5 Attitude Changes

Updated at: Sep 16, 2014
Helm Your Life the Right Way with These 5 Attitude Changes

Living a life in a bubble never helps. The big break you are looking for might never come. What works is to take your life in your own hands and accept attitudes that help you in doing so.

Ariba Khaliq
Mind BodyWritten by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Jul 30, 2014

Majority of us like to live our life in a hollow of possibilities; we decide to do things that we’ve not been able to do before after we win the “lottery.” We determine we would spend more time on our body, we’d reconnect with family and friends, and we’d travel the world and enjoy fine adventure.

But, it usually gets late in life and that “lottery” is never won. In fact, even our complex vision boards, daily deeds of abundance and acute self-reflection might just not make it happen. So, we’re left with two options: admit that we may never win and live a mediocre existence; or decide that we’ve to win using our own resourcefulness, inspiration and determination and not some lottery.

Attitudes for Changing Life

For those of you who choose to follow the first option, well, good luck with that. And the rest of you who have decided to take your life in your own hands, here are a few attitudes which you can embrace to be in full control of your life.

Do Small Things Daily

Don’t wait for someone to gift you a trip to your favorite holiday destination, a publishing house to invite you for a book deal of your life, or a recording company to come at your doorstep to request you to share your music. You should yourself feel worthy of adventuring, writing, or sharing your music.

When we see successful, happy people around us, we only know the end result of their journey but we fail to understand that we haven’t been privy to the journey itself, it’s hardships and roadblocks, it’s struggles- what got them there.

Success and happiness are not a book deal. They aren't the dreams that come true. Success is the late night worrying how you’ll pay your bills when you’ve started your own business, learning how to communicate with a new partner you’re in love with, running for one minute more than you could the week before at the gym. If you want big results, you need to stop discounting small action. Small action triggers big change.

Attitudes for Changing Life

Speak the Truth

To yourself and to everybody else! Speak truly of what you want to change about your body, of the unfulfilling relationship, and about being stuck up in a dry job. Nothing might happen magically because of speaking the truth. But once your “truth” would out there, you, your family and friends, and the universe will all be working together to get you what you need, because you would be clear about where you stand.

Turn Up

Even when you don’t want to, when you’re tired, you’re not sure, you’re burned out, or uninspired, turn up. Turn up to life. Sometimes you’d “show up” and something profound would happen. Other times, seemingly nothing would come of you being there. But almost always, whether it’s been in the moment or after the fact, the times you’ve said “yes” would lead to an opportunity, a new friend, a new idea and more. Show up for your life, relentlessly, and life will show up for you.

Attitudes for Changing Life

Love Your Body

Most of us are either feeding our bodies recklessly or beating it through hate-filled workouts. Your body is your life boat which sails you through the storms. You should feed it the right way, strengthen it in your workouts, and rest it when it feels exhausted. Sleep. Get to know your curves and lines, embrace and relish your body.

Be Scared

When success comes to you, along with being excited, you will feel scared to lose it, to fail, to try something new. Don’t let this fear go away. Make “Conquer your fears” your least favorite phrase. Because it’s not about “conquering” them, it’s about living with them. If you aren’t fearful, you’re staying still. If you’re ready to really grow and change something big in your life, fear is a requirement.

There is a possibility that nothing will happen if you put yourself out there, but what if it does? So, do all those things you want to. Don’t wait for that lottery.

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