Heavy Red Meat Consumption Increases The Risk Of Death, Says Study

Updated at: Jun 23, 2019
Heavy Red Meat Consumption Increases The Risk Of Death, Says Study

For the study, a team of researchers from Harvard University looked at the link between changes in red meat consumption over an eight-year period with the mortality rate during the next eight years, starting from 1986 to the end of follow-up in 20

Tavishi Dogra
LatestWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jun 23, 2019

Heavy red meat consumption: According to recent research, huge devouring on red meat, that too on processed one, is related to a raised danger of annihilation. The research was issued in the journal BMJ. The research demonstrates that red meat should be replaced with various different protein supplies. These are:

  • eggs
  • fish
  • cereals
  • legumes

It is also indicated in the study that it helps to live long.

For the research, a team of scientists from Harvard University looked at the connection between alteration in red meat devouring over a span of 8 years with a fatality rate during the next eight years. The time span starting from the year nineteen eighty-six towards 2010 persuasion.

In the research following inputs were used:

  • Age(thirty-fifty five): Female nurses from the United States (fifty-three thousand five hundred and fifty-three)
  • Age (forty-seventh five): Male health experts (twenty-seven thousand nine hundred sixteen)
  • To inform you, all the participants had no cancer or heart disease.
  • The members were given a sampling survey on food in every 4 years.  

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Following questions were asked in the questionnaire:

  • In the year 2018, what chunk of food they ate?
  • As per the red meat consumption, the participants were divided broadly into 5 types.

During the entire span of research, the following is the death rate. However, the cause of death can be anything.

Fourteen thousand and nineteen deaths. It included eight thousand four hundred and twenty-six women and five thousand five hundred ninety-three men.  

The main elements were:

  • heart ailments
  • cancer disease
  • breathing affliction
  • degeneration of the nervous system

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After all the analysis and including all the conceivably effective determinants (which also has aged), the study concluded at:

  • ten percent of raised risk of death rate in the coming 8 years, were due to high raise of total red meat consumption. 
  • As per the week's portion, it was almost three and a half or more.

Calculating the result and concluding the study, the overall result came:

For more protein, eat more cereals, green salad, veggies, and decrease the consumption of red meat. Various other protein meals also provide benefits such as:

  • fish
  • eggs.

These foods help to curtail the danger of death among the people.

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