Healthy Recipes for your Kids

Updated at: Jan 02, 2014
Healthy Recipes for your Kids
Aditi Dasgupta
Healthy DietWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Nov 18, 2011

Healthy nutritious food is essential for healthy growth and development of a child. Do you dream that your kids love eating healthy food and are excited about it? Making a child eat a healthy balanced meal is every mother's nightmare.

What Makes Recipes Healthy for Kids?

Every parent wants their child to eat healthy and grow properly. But what makes a recipe healthy?


Certain suggestions to make your food healthy are

  • Homemade is Best: Homemade is best as you know how much fat, sugar or proteins are in it. You prepare the food hygienically and use good quality food material.
  • Use more whole foods: Use whole grains rather than processed foods to make a balanced diet.
  • Make Fresh, and Flavorful recipe: You would like your child to eat lots of vegetables, fruits and pulses. But remember that it has to be flavorful and well presented if you want kids to eat what you make.
  • Make a Balanced food: You would like your child to eat lots of vegetables, fruits and pulses. But remember that a single recipe cannot contain all the desired nutrients and probably your child may not eat a balanced meal for every single meal. If your child eats well most of the time, is growing normally and is active there is probably little to worry about. A child may not eat a well balanced diet daily, but over the course of a week or so he or she may have a balanced diet.

How can I get my children interested in healthy food?

  • Get your kids to vote after every recipe you try. Let them make comments, give ideas for recipes. This makes them interested in eating or even trying foods they wouldn't have touched before.
  • Get them involved in planning and preparing healthy meals
  • Involve your kids in shopping for food and teach your kids to make healthy food choices

It is never easy to practice healthy eating habits with the busy schedules, limited time and convenience of ready to eat foods or fast foods. Promote healthy eating habits in your child as habits formed in childhood will probably continue into adult years. Remember that teaching your child healthy eating habits is much easier if everyone in the family follows them. If you are concerned about your child’s nutrition consult your pediatrician or a dietitian.




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