Healthy Family Diet Plan

Updated at: Sep 25, 2012
Healthy Family Diet Plan

Healthy family diet plan: The healthy family diet plan should be based on the requirements of each and every family member. Aim of a family diet plan is to cater to the need for nutrition of every member.

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Healthy Family Diet Plan

If you want to enjoy a healthy meal with your family with some fabulous recipes, it is an imperative that you understand what makes a healthy family diet plan. When visiting the market for picking the fresh fruits and vegetables for your culinary choices, keep in mind the recommendations for your healthy diet plan.


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Aim of family diet plan

A family diet plan should offer a lot of nutrients for the adherents. It should help to reduce weight, bring down the risk of heart disease along with other diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol and cancer. You need to include some basic guidelines for the nutrition of your family to set you on course for a healthy family. Your family meal planner should be based on the needs of each and every individual of your family.


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Recommendations for Healthy Family Diet Plan

  • Whole grains – Half of your daily recommendation of calories should be consumed in the form of grains, but these should be whole grains, such as brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat bread and whole wheat tortillas. The nutrient content of whole grains is higher while the refined grains lose their minerals and vitamins in the process of milling. Some of the white grains which should be avoided include flour tortillas, white bread and white rice. Phytochemical and antioxidants are missing in these grains. These substances help to fight against diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.
  • Include healthy fats – You need to include the healthy fats in your diet even if you are looking to lose weight. Healthy fats are important for performing basic functions of the body. These are the monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which are found in avocados, vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, walnuts and flax seeds. Harvard School of Public Health has even estimated the proportion of the various fats. Eight to ten per cent of the calories should be from polyunsaturated fats while ten to 25 per cent of calories should be from monounsaturated fats. Strictly avoid saturated fats that are found mostly in processed foods and fast foods.
  • Fruits and vegetables – You are recommended to include four and half cups of fruits and vegetables in each of your meals. You can vary your choices of foods daily. All these fruits and vegetables offer different nutrients. For example oranges are rich in vitamin C while dark leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamin K, folate, iron and calcium.

The family diet plans should vary depending on age, gender and general health of people in a family. This is because healthy family meals are those which fulfill the need of all individual of a family and it should not be based on any sort of set pattern.


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