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Healthy Eating Habits For Kids: 5 Ways To Feed A Stubborn Child

Children's Health By Tavishi Dogra , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 09, 2019
Healthy Eating Habits For Kids: 5 Ways To Feed A Stubborn Child

As a mother you must be worried about your child’s sufficient nutrients because your kid refuses to eat what you offer. Here are some ways to tackle picky eaters and make them eat healthy food

Feeding young children is not easy these days, as they often prefer to eat spicy junk foods outside (market or vendors) rather than at home. but do you know that if children, don't eat healthy things then they lack physical development, which causes them to remain weak and thin. In the long run, such children do not grow in terms of height or have good health. If your child insists on eating street food, then don't worry, as here we provide you some tips by which you can use to easily feed your stubborn child with homemade food.

Children's eating pattern is different

Adults usually eat 3-4 times a day, which includes:

  • breakfast 
  • lunch 
  • evening snack
  • dinner

Parents often insist on feeding children at the same time. However, the pattern of eating is different from that of adults. Children usually eat a few things all day long. So don't take too much food whenever you feed the baby. If you take little food on the plate and feed the baby, it will be easier to convince the baby to eat.

Make healthy and colorful food items

You will be surprised to know that children are more attracted to colors than taste. So most of the foods found in the market are made with colorful decorations so that the children are attracted to them. You can also use the same pediatrics at home. The easiest way to feed your children with healthy food is to make food colorful and attractive. For example, add colorful vegetables to the pasta, make omelets in teddy bear shapes or use animal-shaped plates for children. This will insinuate the child's interest in eating food.

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Remove distractions

Children are difficult to feed when they watch TV, play games or are busy with mobiles. So try to remove these obstacles while feeding. Turn off the TV or take the child to another room, remove the mobile and other electronic gadgets. This will keep the child's attention on food, which will make him/her eat a full meal. Make sure that you don't feed children too little or too much. If your child has eaten something heavy in the evening and refuses to eat at night, do not insist too much.

Feed while playing

An easy way to feed your children is to feed them in a game. From the very beginning, if a child eats too little or insists on eating or drinking, you can find ways to attract the child. You can play a small game with a child or feed it while narrating a story. This makes the children eat enough food in the game.

Make Favorite Things at Home

Children often like noodles, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, rolls, samosas, momos, etc. Instead of getting these things from the market, you can make healthy dishes at home. When preparing these foods for children, use semolina instead of flour and add as many vegetables as possible. 

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