Healthy Cooking for the Family

Updated at: Jan 16, 2013
Healthy Cooking for the Family
Dr Poonam Sachdev
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Jan 16, 2013

Eating healthy foods is important to keep you healthy. There are several essentials things that are needed to make your food healthy (like cooking, storing cooked food), besides just choosing the right kind of foods. Ways of healthy cooking are often overlooked.


Healthy cooking doesn't require extensive or elaborate cooking methods or expensive cookware. Some changes in your cooking technique can make your food healthy.


Some of the cooking techniques that can help you prepare healthy dishes that taste awesome are baking, grilling and broiling, roasting, sautéing, steaming, stir-frying, using herbs and spices. These cooking techniques retain the nutrients and make your food taste amazing without adding excessive amounts of fat or salt.


Healthy cooking techniques can help you to reduce fat and calories in your diet—like
each tablespoon (about 14 g) of oil you use while cooking gives you 14 grams of fat and more than 100 calories. Just by reducing the oil you use to cook food can significantly reduce your calorie intake.


  • Baking: Most of us bake breads and desserts, but besides this seafood, poultry, lean meat, vegetables and fruits can be baked as well. Place the food you want to bake in a pan or dish (covered or uncovered) in the oven. For baking you need not add fat to the food.
  • Grilling and broiling: While grilling and broiling the food is exposed to direct heat and in both the methods fat drips away from the food. Food can be grilled in an outdoor grill or an indoor grill.
  • Roasting: Food is roasted like you bake but at higher temperatures in the oven's dry heat. You can roast vegetables, poultry, seafood and meat. If you place a rack inside the roasting pan fat from poultry, seafood and meat can drip away during cooking.
  • Sauteing:  Sauteing helps to cook small or thin cut pieces of food quickly. Use of a good-quality nonstick pan, can help you to cook food without using much oil or fat. You can use low-sodium broth, cooking spray or water in place of oil depending on what you are making.
  • Steaming: Rather than boiling you can steam your food. It is a simple cooking technique. Place your food in a perforated basket or utensil over simmering liquid. Use of flavorful liquid or added seasonings to the water, will allow you to flavor the food as it cooks.
  • Stir-frying: This traditional Asian method, of cooking needs uniform-sized pieces of food. The food can be cooked in little oil. You have it stir the food regularly in a wok or large nonstick frying pan.
  • Using herbs and spices: Use of spices and herbs such as parsley, oregano and basil leaves is a good way to make the food look and taste wonderful. Using these can help you to reduce the salt or fat that are needed to make food taste good.
  • Oils: Use oil and fat sparingly while cooking. Prefer use of vegetable oils which contain mono and poly unsaturated fats rather saturated or trans fats.
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables: Use fresh fruits and vegetables instead of tinned vegetables and fruits. Tinned foods usually have added salt or sugar or may contain preservatives. Fresh vegetables and fruits give you many essential nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins.


Changing your cooking technique may seem difficult initially. But once you get used to these methods it will become an effortless work. Healthy cooking ensures that your food retains it’s nutritional values.




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