Healthy chocolate lifestyle scheme

Updated at: Jan 05, 2013
Healthy chocolate lifestyle scheme

Chocolates have changed the way we eat, romance and live. It is a world of pure happiness that can please your palate and raise your spirits. Good news! Researchers say it is healthy also.

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chocolateHumors have it that military ruler Napoleon Bonaparte who shaped European politics in the early 19th century carried chocolates along with him during his military campaigns. Satiating his taste buds or even restoring carbohydrates, satisfying brain cravings for ‘feel good’ nutrients, the chocolate bar did it all!

Chocolates altogether have changed the way we eat, romance and live. The world of chocolate is one of pure happiness that can please your palate and raise your spirits.

However, along with so many other things in our diets, the supposed negative or positive aspects of eating chocolate are the subject of much controversy.


Many experts have noted that chocolates are unhealthy and continuous eating often results in tooth decay.


Some medical experts have stated that chocolates contain sugar substances and thus add calories to the body and increase the sugar levels in the blood.


The truth is that chocolates will not damage your joints but being overweight will hurt your joints.


There is, however, the possibility that a person could be allergic to some ingredient in a chocolate candy bar which could cause some amount of swelling. In fact chocolate is lower in caffeine than tea, coffee and coca cola. Doctors suggest that one ounce bar of chocolate contains about 6mg of caffeine, whereas a five ounce cup of regular coffee contains over 40mg.

Nevertheless, chocoholics may unite in celebration, for the news is good: dark chocolate possesses the maximum amount of antioxidant content present in any variety of food.


Dark chocolate: Heart-healthy benefits


Stick to the dark chocolate and there's a group of heart-healthy benefits. Experts suggest that consuming dark chocolates reduces your chance of heart problems. Chocolate is an anti-inflammatory agent too. Darker ones contain cocoa butter to some extent and this helps in regaining the lost elasticity in the body.


Eating dark chocolate lessens damage to the blood vessels of cirrhotic patients suggest a new research presented at the International Liver Congress 2010, the Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of Liver in Vienna.


Various researches shows that a small serving of dark chocolate can help lower blood pressure. Dark chocolate has 65 percent or higher cocoa content which dilates blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow.


It is because of its antioxidant properties and antimicrobial properties that dark chocolate can lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. The antioxidants also help in the anti-ageing process.

Doctors suggest that a daily portion of 100 grams of dark chocolate reduces blood pressure and occurrence of cardiovascular incidents by 21%.


The Feel Good Factor

Chocolate interestingly acts as a medication for depression.
Researchers suggest that munching a chocolate can really help you in a very interesting way. Phenylethylamine (PEA) present in chocolates is responsible for some of the pleasurable feelings you get after eating chocolate because it releases natural feel-good chemicals called endorphins in your brain.


Tasty chocolaty suggestions


Kids are the all-time lovers of chocolate. There is a chocolate for every occasion in our lives. While dark chocolate will give you various health benefits, don't overdo it. The best way to eat chocolate is to eat good quality dark chocolate with at least 70 per cent of cocoa in it in small portions.


White Chocolate - The Little White Lie


Dark chocolates can legitimately claim to be "healthy food", on the other hand this is definitely not true for the manufactured candy which is called "white chocolate". We must face the truth that only raw cocoa and certain kinds of dark chocolate provide the many health benefits which modern research studies have attributed to, however consumption of white chocolates have zero health benefits.


Skip the Nougat


Caramel, nougat or other fillings are just adding sugar and fat which erase many of the benefits you get from eating the chocolate and should be avoided. It is advisable to look for pure dark chocolate or dark chocolate with nuts, orange peel or other flavorings.

Sugar-laden chocolate candies and syrups can pose health risks to your body.

So, here are enough reasons for chocolate lovers everywhere to celebrate. And, if health is your excuse for eating chocolate, remember the word "moderate" as you nibble. Now what are you waiting for, go for your chocolate bar now!

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