Healthcare Heroes Awards 2020: Sister Nayana Is A Frontline COVID-19 Warrior

Updated at: Sep 24, 2020
Healthcare Heroes Awards 2020: Sister Nayana Is A Frontline COVID-19 Warrior

Nayana is offering her duties in the COVID-19 ward and has been living away from her family for the past 6 months.

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Category : Beyond the call of Duty
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Who : Sister Naina
What : She stayed away from her home for 6 months, nursed COVID patients
Why : For foughting her personal fears and anxiety to serve patienst

A virus has brought the world to its knees. Covid 19 infections have claimed lakhs of lives in a matter of a few months. A cure or a vaccine is still nowhere in sight. Doctors, medical professionals, caregivers are facing a hard time keeping pace with the increasing number of infected cases. In this mayhem, a few dedicated, passionate individuals have chosen to selflessly serve those in need. One such is Sister Nayana.

Onlymyhealth’s campaign, The Healthcare Heroes Awards is saluting Corona Heroes. Those who have thought of others before themselves. Sister Nayana has been nominated by OnlyMyHealth in the category of Beyond the call of Duty – Paramedics.

Sister Nayana Braved Through The Pandemic Leaving Behind Her Family

27 year old Nayana Vartak is a staff nurse at Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi in Maharashtra.  Nayana was on duty in the COVID-19 ward. She vividly remembers the first day she was entering the Covid wards, scared and jittery “I thought, here I am walking towards an infection that the whole world is running away from.” But Nayana understands that her job as a caregiver is even more important in the current times.

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But once she entered the ward, there was no going back for sister Nayana. Quite literally. It would be a risk to go back home to young children and immuno-compromised parents. So for the last six months, Nayana has only spoken to them on video calls.

Family: Sister Nayana’s Weakness And Strength

Her 3 year old and 6 year old daughters are waiting for their mother to return. “Every time my husband gets home from work, they look behind him to see if I’m there. “ says Nayana. The children were inconsolable when they realized their mother was working in the Covid ward. But Nayana counts herself lucky to find support in her husband. Video calls with family are the part of day she looks forward too.


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Both her mother and mother-in-law are vulnerable to infection. “My mom-in-law is undergoing chemo and my mom has heart disease. My mom-in-law is losing her hair and constantly vomiting, but she still video calls me to say, ‘Hamari beti apni duty nibha rahi hai,”

Duty before Self

Nayana understands the risks for herself. The fear is daunting and sometimes she gets homesick too. But then she remembers that her patients need her. “Even they are away from their families, they only have us,” she says.  

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In these six months Sister Nayana has touched many lives. She has made personal connections with those she cared for. This is what has kept her going. A patient’s discharge note, a smile, a family member thanking her – these are treasured memories for sister Nayana.

And even though she misses her daughters terribly and wishes she could hug them, Nayana is happy to do her duty for the hospital and the patients who need her at this time of crises. 

Kudos to Nayana’s strength and determination that has kept her going. If you believe Nayana’s work should be recognized, kindly cast your vote in her favour. Here is how to vote in Jagran New Media and Onlymyhealth’s Healthcare Heroes Awards.

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