What To Do If Newborn Baby Gets Jaundice?

Tips for ParentBy Onlymyhealth Editorial Team / Jan 07, 2021

Newborn jaundice is a problem that makes new parents stressed. Jaundice is a health condition that requires critical care. Since newborns are already weak, parents must take their utmost care if they get jaundice. In this video, Dr. Vivek Jain, Director and Head of Neonatology at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh explains about newborn jaundice and how parents can deal with the situation to ensure health and safety for the child. Newborn jaundice is a common problem in babies. A lot of parents think that jaundice is a sign of hepatitis or liver failure but it is just a myth. Jaundice is very common and is mostly harmless. 

What parents can do?

    • Firstly, jaundice disappears on its own and parents should believe in the myths related to newborn jaundice. 
    • Babies do not require special therapy or medication for jaundice as this is a natural phenomenon that occurs in almost all kids. Very rarely when the jaundice level of the kid is very high, medical intervention is required.
    • Parents should never try any home remedy for jaundice on babies as this may cause harm to the baby. They must consult a pediatrician if they notice symptoms of jaundice in the baby.
    • Also, if jaundice symptoms persist for more than 10 days in the baby, you must consult a doctor for proper screening.  

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